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All-Arkansas Grid Camp Now Has Date & Time

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema, who spent time this past weekend with his family and staff at the Kentucky Derby, will be part of the All-Arkansas Football Camp at War Memorial Stadium on June 5th.

It appears the first All-Arkansas football camp – which will feature coaches from all football-playing colleges in the state - is set for Sunday, June 5th at 5 p.m. at War Memorial Stadium.

Arkansas State head coach head coach Blake Anderson tweeted out an ad for the camp on Tuesday afternoon.

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema brought up the camp at a press conference last week and had no hesitation in joining the other in-state colleges.

“I  just thought if there's something that we can do to promote the state of Arkansas and promote football and promote Little Rock and War Memorial and the history, why not do this?,” Bielema said. “So we'll jump into it with them.”

Arkansas also has a date on which it plans to have a camp at Cowboys Stadium, but has not released that date yet.

 “We do, but we can’t publicize the date yet due to NCAA rules,” Bielema said, “because we met with our compliance staff and there are literally 50 questions out there, just little things that you have got to make sure you follow the rules or you can get slapped on the backhand."

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Bielema and his wife Jen were on hand for the Kentucky Derby last weekend as well as Arkansas offensive coordinator Dan Enos, defensive coordinator Robb Smith and Assistant Athletic Director of Football Operations Mark Taurisani and their wives.

“It was awesome,” Bielema said. “I had gone about 10 years ago before I met my wife and myself and Rob Smith and Dan Enos and Mark Taurisani – my director of ops –  we all took our wives and had a pretty good weekend.

“… We had great seats, about 50 feet from the finish line right up on the first row, row A. When the horses parade before and after they were literally right there where you could touch them.”

Mrs. Bielema put up some pictures of the crew on Tuesday.


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