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Arkansas Grid Coaches Face Busy June

In his weekly recruiting column for Hawgs illustrated, Dudley E. Dawson writes about Arkansas' football coaches and their football camps "here, there and in between" according to Razorback head coach Bret Bielema.

June was already a busy month for college football coaches even before the term satellite camp jumped into the everyday jargon of the sport.
Now its going to be even busier as college coaches - including those at Arkansas - dive headlong into the new way of doing things in the summer.
The three known camps that the Razorback staff will be at are ones in Little Rock on June 5, at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on June 9 and at Florida Atlantic in Boca Raton, Fla., on June 13.
In addition Arkansas will host camps on its own campus - a Junior High Camp on June 8,  a Prospects Camp on June 11, a Youth Camp on June 15, a Specialist Camp on June 18 and a three-day High School Camp on June 19-21.
There are likely to be several other satellite camps that become public soon as Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema  and his staff take advantage of NCAA reversal on the ban of having camps off campus.
“The whole idea and the purpose that everybody complained about to bring the rule back in, was to give opportunities,” Bielema said. “You’ve given an opportunity that's unlimited, unprecedented … unprotected on what you can and cannot do. 
“Your ability to go in and change the direction of a young man's recruiting decision I think is greatly affected. Because now you're bringing coaches to parts of the country they've never been before at an unprecedented recruiting time. June and July are supposed to be times where you don’t recruit.
“…In a 30-day window (15 days in June and 15 in July), you can get to a lot of places with 15 or 20 people. And it's really going to get into the haves and have-nots, because you've got some coaches that have an unlimited revenue to go do these things. 
“You've got donor plans that sit 13 coaches that can go anywhere when they want to go at the drop of hat and be at another major city the next day or double-dip on the same day. It's crazy.”
The event at Cowboys Stadium will be hosted by Texas A&M-Commerce - whose quarterback coach is former Cowboys quarterback Wade Wilson - and limited to the first 250 campers that are rising juniors and seniors.
"We are excited to bring our Razorback brand to Texas and work with A&M-Commerce at one of the greatest venues in all of football," Bielema said.

Arkansas has been a constant presence at Cowboys Stadium as the Razorbacks have played six games with Texas A&M since the facility opened in 2009 and are contracted to play the Aggies there through 2024.
“I think we'll be one of the very that does a pro stadium exclusively,” Bielema said. “..We’re looking at Houston, looking at Florida, looking at New Orleans as well as other areas in Louisiana. Then in the north in Chicago and Michigan and possibly Ohio.”
Arkansas State is hosting the June 5th camp at War Memorial Stadium with all the other football-playing schools in-state scheduled to attend.
"Anybody and everybody that plays football at the college level in Arkansas," Bielema said. "You just need one to host and everybody else can come.
The other camp is with Florida Atlantic, whose head coach Charlie Partridge is a former Bielema assistant at Wisconsin and Arkansas.
Bielema is intent on still letting his assistants have time off in the summer to recharge.
“I was giving my coaches 4 weeks off,” Bielema said. “ I'm not going to infringe on that. There's coaches that could go if they want to, but I won't do that to them. 
“We're going to go..those 30 days we're allotted those 22 days we're going to have camps here, everywhere and in between as well as Hoganese here and go as hard as we can go.”


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