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The Satellite Camp Race Is Fully Engaged

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema took 16 members of his staff to the All-Arkansas Camp on Sunday and the Razorbacks will now hit the road for out-of-state satellite camps.

Now the satellite camp fence is open, Arkansas coaches are running out of it like their hair is on fire.

Razorback head football coach Bret Bielema flew 17 members of his staff into Little Rock for Sunday night’s All-Arkansas Camp at War Memorial Stadium. 

“We brought two planes,” Bielema said Sunday night. “We had nine on one and seven on the other and just wanted to get everybody we could down here to support this.”

The grind will continue Monday night as members of the Razorback staff fly to Houston for a camp there run by the Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy.

 “I think I am gone 8 of the next 10 nights out of Fayetteville so there is a lot of ground to be covered between now and then,” Bielema said. 

Arkansas coaches will then arrive back in Fayetteville Tuesday night, host a youth camp on Wednesday and fly out to Atlanta on Wednesday night for a Thursday camp.

There’s also another one scheduled for Detroit on Thursday and Friday at Wayne State University.

The Razorbacks will be back Thursday night, host a camp of their own Saturday and then head to Florida Saturday night for camps there on Sunday and Monday.

The staff returns home Tuesday and  begins seven days of its own camps on campus beginning Wednesday. 

Arkansas had been scheduled to be at a camp in Atlanta last Friday, but pulled out and decided to attend the one there on Wednesday because there would be more potential prospects to see.

“Once we knew that we were going to do this, we decided to do it as hard as we could,” Bielema said.

He was especially happy to be at the Arkansas one, even if there was only one player - Ashdown's Montaric Brown - that so far has a Razorback offer and notes that the Razorbacks will be back in attendance next season unless the satellite camp landscape changes.

"I mean, I think it' a great thing," Bielema said. "I don't see any reason why we wouldn't, especially because we spend a lot of time over here. There's good players in this direction, and again, to promote the sport

"It's hard to forecast the future, but I can't see any reason why something like this wouldn't be a part of what we're doing."


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