Thursday Grid Report, 8/14

Arkansas' numbers in the defensive line got a little better with some good news on the medical front. Cedric Cobbs had a good day and drew praise from the coach.

Wes Murphy joined the practice after sitting out the first three days waiting for clearance from doctors because of an enlarged heart.

"It was great to have Wes out here and you could tell his teammates were excited," Nutt said. "Wes was bouncing off the wall and ready to do things."

Unfortunately, Murphy was held out of contact because of NCAA rules that say he must be in shorts for two days.

"The rules that are in place this year say that we have to go like the others did for the first two days, no pads, then two days with just shoulder pads when the rest of the team is in full pads," Nutt said. "It's tough on him because he wants to jump in every drill. He can't. So, he'll be a little behind the rest. He can go in full pads on Monday."

The rest of the team will don full pads Friday when Nutt has called a 9:30 a.m. practice. There will be no afternoon workout Friday.

"We can finally go twice on Saturday, and we'll have our first scrimmage Saturday afternoon," Nutt said. "We'll move our one workout Friday to the morning so our players will have more time to rest their legs before the scrimmage on Saturday."

Nutt said some of the players felt the afternoon heat on Thursday for the first time after three days of cool weather to open the week.

"You could tell the sun was out today and it was a little tougher on some of them," Nutt said. "That's good. We need a little heat. We know it's coming, too. The forecast is for hot days."

Nutt thinks Titus Peebles will join the team soon. He was at practice Thursday, but watched from the sideline in street clothes.

"We've seen his transcript," Nutt said. "Our people have studied it. It's all good. We are waiting on the final transcript to arrive with graduation stamped on it from his junior college. They are supposed to be faxing that in the morning. Whether it gets here in time for him to work with us Friday, I don't know. We think he's good to go. Our academic people here think he is good to go."

Defensive line coach Tracy Rocker welcomed Murphy to practice and said there was other good news in his area.

"We are having some young guys step up," Rocker said. "James Johnson is making a push. Chase Pressley and Scott Davenport are playing well, too. Our young ones, Keith Jackson and Jeremy Harrell, are doing great, too. Derek Moore just needs more weight.

"I am pleased to have Wes Murphy, but we are glad to have Brandon Holmes at end, too. We can use that depth. You always need depth.

"I think what we've seen after four days is that we have some guys stepping up. They see opportunity. We are going to play more than the first four and they know that. We are pleased with what the young ones are doing on the defensive line."

Nutt praised tailback Cedric Cobbs for his work after three days of fall drills.

"Cedric has shown an ability to hit the hole and that was evident today," Nutt said. "He can't be dancing and trying to bounce it outside. We have asked him to hit it inside as hard as he can for four yards. And, if after that he finds himself in the secondary, then let mother nature take its course. He knows what to do from there."

Minor leg injuries kept Carlos Ousley, Chris Baker and Willie Hordge out of Thursday's workout. All should return in a day or two, and possibly in time to scrimmage Saturday afternoon.

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