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Best 5 quotes from Bret Bielema's podium time at SEC Media Days

Bret Bielema had some entertaining things to say as Arkansas took their turn at SEC Media Days.

Entering his fourth season leading the Razorbacks, Bret Bielema has shown he always speaks his mind, and he didn't disappoint Wednesday at the SEC Media Days.

Here were his top quotes from Wednesday's press conference:

On his first season: “My first year, we went 0-8 in the SEC, probably the most embarrassing point in my coaching career. To realize I couldn’t win an SEC football game, I didn’t really doubt if I could, I just wondered why I didn’t and how it didn’t happen."

On losing to Texas A&M in OT last year: “Summy (Kevin Sumlin) last year, when we got done with the game and we’re walking across to shake hands, he said, ‘I don’t know what to say.’ I said, ‘Don’t say anything. I might punch you.' It’s a great rivalry.”

On Michigan backing out of their home-and-home series against the Hogs.  “I understand how the Michigan-Notre Dame thing sounds sexy to everybody else, but I think Michigan and Arkansas sounds sexy. I was really excited about Big Ten versus SEC.”

On the football program's overall image: "At Arkansas, we're not built sexy. We need a lot of time in the bathroom to get ready."

On attending Russell Wilson's wedding: “I was at Russell’s wedding. Not in the wedding, I just sat and watched. I was the guy in the eighth row in the outside seat.”

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