Sunday Grid Report, 8/17

Arkansas slipped in an unscheduled practice Sunday before returning to two-a-day workouts on Monday.

Arkansas met to review the film of Saturday's scrimmage, then had a "walk-through practice" in shorts and no helmets inside Walker Pavilion. The session lasted about an hour.

The Sunday practice was not on the original schedule, but Houston Nutt decided to add the session to correct mistakes. Because of the severe heat in the afternoon, the Hogs went inside for the brief workout.

"We had things we saw on the film that needed to be corrected, and we looked at some special teams situations," Nutt said.

"We had some good things show up yesterday, but we still have a lot to cover," Nutt said. "Our defensive backs really played well and closed on the ball. Guys like Batman Carroll, Eddie Jackson, Marvin Jackson, Lawrence Richardson, Michael Coe and Tony Bua really did some nice things yesterday. Marvin Jackson is really having a great camp. He really flew to the ball yesterday. If we played a game today, Tony Bua would start (at free safety) but we'd play Lorinezo Robinson, too. They both would play.

"Arrion Dixon is having an awesome camp. Jeb Huckeba is really doing well, too. He is something to watch.

"We've still got a lot of people on the sideline missing practice. Brandon Holmes might have been hurt worse than we thought. It didn't look like much because Zak Tubbs just kind of fell on him. But, he hurt that lower back and there isn't much you can do when your back is out."

Linebacker Clarke Moore should be good to go in a day or two. He has a sore foot, and may need some extra arch support in his new adidas shoes.

"We x-rayed the foot and it came back clean," said Dave Womack, defensive coordinator and linebacker coach. "He got those shoes and he'd never worn them before. They are a little different and he needs a support there. He'll be fine. I doubt he misses any time. We didn't want to take a chance yesterday that it was more serious."

Womack said he was especially pleased "with Michael Coe's play at cornerback in the scrimmage. He is starting to show up more and more. He's doing well there. Tony Bua had another good day back there, but we want to wait another week ... maybe two more weeks ... before we make a decision. He's done it all right so far."

Asked if there was any help on the way in the defensive line with all the young candidates, Womack said the backup doing the best job was "Scott Davenport and that's about it. Scott made some good plays in the scrimmage. The others have to keep coming. We aren't there yet in the other spots."

James Johnson worked at defensive end during the scrimmage, but Wommack said that was an emergency situation.

"We were holding out the starters after a point, and we ran out of ends with Holmes and Wes Murphy out," Wommack said. "James said he'd go out there and help us out. We haven't even talked about moving James outside. He's a tackle."

On the injury front, Mark Pierce resumed practice and was able to extend both arms to haul in passes (in a half speed drill) after suffering a slight shoulder dislocation Saturday.

The Hogs resume two-a-day drills on Monday.

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