Tuesday Practice Report, 9/18

Arkansas worked on finding the right combinations in the offensive line on Tuesday. There was a new candidate at tight end.

Freshman Shawn Andrews, who said today is 6-6 and at 342 pounds, got the majority of reps today at right tackle with Bokerman at right guard.

But neither Mike Markuson or Houston Nutt were ready to pronounce him the starter for Alabama as of yet.

"I don't know, I don't know," Markuson yelled across the football field to a group of reporters waiting to talk to him.

Andrews had gotten down to 328 during two--a-days, but got back up to 355 after a trip home for mom's cooking.

"I just don't know yet," Nutt said. "He is still working hard and learning and still has a ways to go. He is like a lot of these freshmen that are very gifted. You would love to play him, but you don't know how he is gfoing to respond."

"He is learning his offense, learning his plays, learning the snap count, taking baby steps," Nutt said. "You know he is big and physical, you know he can run, you know he can bend and hit folks. He has just got to know where to go and do it full speed.

"They give you a lot of different looks on defense, they twist and turn on you every snap. I wish we had about eight of his bodies and they were all seniors. That is what we aare going to get to one day."

Houston Nutt's keys to beating Alabama:

"Both defense are very good so you know defense is going to be great and you want your kicking game to be very good," Nutt said. "There kicking game is very good. They have speed just like we do. You've got to know where Freddie is.

Offensively you want to move the ball. You want to keep your defense on the sideline. That's the bottom line. And make some first downs." 

Perhaps the biggest news of  Tuesday's workout was the sighting of defensivelineman Jason Peters for a few plays at tight end.

One of those was a touchdown pass when at first several of us thought he had just dropped back into pass coverage. Peters still spent the bulk of the practice with the defensive line. The 6-5, 311-pound Peters is a superb athlete and is one of the Hogs' most gifted players, but is listed as a second teamer at defensive tackle and end. He was a highly regarded tight end at Queen City, Texas, in high school and was a prime target of Florida State as a coveted tight end.

Nutt has been pleased with this week's workouts so far - Sunday and Tuesday.

"We tried to prepare for Alabama, all of the option scheme that they have," Nutt said. "They try to do it out of the gun and do it out of differt personel groupings.
Tyler Watts is a good option quarterback and you know they are going to try and get the ball in the hands of Fredie Milons anytime they can -kick return, punt return, reverse, quick screens. You have got to know where he is at all times.

"We have got to come out here back-to-back the next two days and get better."


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