Former Arkansas Razorback Dan Skipper preparing for 2017 NFL Draft, Wedding

Former Arkansas offensive lineman Dan Skipper is working hard to prepare for the NFL Draft.

Former Arkansas offensive tackle Dan Skipper has a busy schedule ahead of him. He is getting married and also preparing for the NFL Draft. Skipper was one of 17 former Razorbacks who participated in the Arkansas Pro Day on Wednesday. The players worked out for scouts from 30 teams.

Skipper also was one of eight former Razorbacks who went to the NFL Combine as well. Skipper compared Wednesday's results with what he did at the NFL Combine.

"It was good," Skipper said. "Here you have the opportunity to truly prepare. The combine is kind of running you around doing medical and things like that so you don't go in fresh. But today I had the opportunity to do the things that we do well at the combine, but also improve the things we needed to work on and have preparation to do that."

Did you improve every mark in the events you participated in today?

"Everything I did I did much better today," Skipper said.

Skipper ran a 5.25 in the 40-yard dash, 4.94 in the 20-yard shuttle, 7.50 in the 3-cone drill and did 19 reps at 225-pounds on the bench press.

"I cut a tenth of a two off," Skipper said.

Who did you hire as an agent?

"I'm with Premier Sports, Tony Page," Skipper said. "So they've been awesome. They've really taken care of me through this process. Any issue that have come up it's been fixed and that's been real nice."

Skipper has spent his time training at a couple different spots.

"I train in Atlanta at Chip Smith, Chip Smith Performance," Skipper said. "And did that through the combine. Flew back and worked here the last week and a half."

When you were in Atlanta was anyone else there working out?

"There's a group of eight offensive linemen and six were at the combine," Skipper said. "So, it was a good group of full competition. Exciting to watch how it all plays out here in a couple of months."

Skipper said he would follow up the Pro Day with an 11:30 a.m. workout on Thursday. He talked about individual workouts with NFL teams.

"I got one scheduled with one team," Skipper said. "After that, we'll see what happens. They'll give us a call if they want to talk. If not, so be it. See what happens."

What's been the best part of this whole process for you?

"Graduating, getting my degree," Skipper said. "It was awesome having all the support and everything. Being able to finish it in the three and a half years. I think that says a lot about the program, not only here but also down at the academic center. Finishing that and then having the ability to go train. You don't have to finish up anything. It's just done."

As far as working out now kind of on your own dime instead of having to do it as a member of the Razorbacks is it different?

"I don't know," Skipper said. "Some guys probably. But with me it's always been I want to push myself as hard as you can. Pass out before you die. That's always been my motto. So, didn't drop out here. So, let's keep rolling."

In addition to the NFL Draft, you are getting married. When is the big day?

"March 25, Fort Worth Zoo," Skipper said. "It will be fun getting all of that pointed out now that I can finally put some attention to that. Just been trying to bite one thing at a time. So, now, enjoy this through the couple hours here and get helping planning that."

What have you done to help with the wedding prep?

"I've sent a few text messages here and there," Skipper said. "I've called and got after some folks, pretty good at that. Other than that, she asked me to do small things here and there and I try to knock those out. Sometimes it takes a couple of reminders. But anything to keep her happy makes me happy."

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