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Arkansas' unofficial depth chart - April 16

HawgsDaily takes a look at Arkansas' depth chart after three weeks of spring practice.

Two weeks ago, HawgsDaily released its first projected depth chart of the spring. We based it on what we saw in the limited practice open to the media, as well as what the players and coaches said in interviews.

However, a lot has happened since then. Players have moved up and down the depth chart and some have even switched positions.

Instead of only a few practice sessions and interviews, HawgsDaily can now create a depth chart on what we've seen during two lengthy scrimmages, the most recent of which was Saturday.

Still, a handful of players were held out of the scrimmage for various reasons, so we still had to make educated guesses on some of them. It is also important to note that these are all unofficial determinations and everything remains fluid. Things will likely be shaken up some when the rest of Arkansas' signing class arrives this summer.

Without further ado, here is the Razorbacks' unofficial depth chart as HawgsDaily sees it through three weeks of spring practice...


1. Austin Allen

2a. Cole Kelley

2b. Ty Storey

4a. Carson Proctor

4b. Daulton Hyatt

4c. Jack Lindsey

Kelley and Storey are still fighting for the backup job behind Allen and neither has separated from the other. The only change in this group is in the bottom half, where Proctor, Hyatt and Lindsey are all pretty much equal. We listed Lindsey as the sixth-string quarterback two weeks ago, but he looked good in Saturday’s scrimmage and split reps with the other two guys, so we moved him into a three-way battle for the fourth-string job.


Running back

1. Rawleigh Williams III

2. Devwah Whaley

3. Maleek Williams

4. Juan Day

5. Connor McPherson


1. Kendrick Jackson

2. Hayden Johnson

3. Justice Hobbs

Honestly, Rawleigh Williams and Devwah Whaley are probably closer to being 1a and 1b than true first- and second-teamers. They have both rotated with the first team this spring. Similarly, Maleek Williams – the early enrollee – and Juan Day have split reps with the second team. We had them listed as 3a and 3b last week, but we’ve seen enough to give Williams the edge. McPherson handled the third-team running back duties.

Although Jackson is the No. 1 fullback, Johnson also got some work with the first team. Hobbs – a walk-on from Farmington – was the third-team fullback.


Wide receiver – 1

1. Jared Cornelius*

2. Jordan Jones

3. Jonathan Nance

4. Tyson Morris

Wide receiver – 2

1. LaMichael Pettway

2. Brandon Martin

3. River Warnock

4. Kofi Boateng

Wide receiver – 3/slot

1. Deon Stewart

2. T.J. Hammonds

3. Tobias Enlow

4. Troy Allison

Once again, this is an extremely fluid position at the moment. Cornelius is definitely the top receiver, but he was held out of Saturday’s scrimmage because of a minor hamstring injury and will likely be limited the rest of the spring. With him out, Jones, Pettway and Stewart took most of the first-team reps.

Martin also got some work with the first team, as well as with the second team along with Nance and Hammonds. Enlow and Warnock – a pair of walk-ons from North Little Rock – got a couple of reps with the second team, too.

Looking ahead, the top two guys at each spot above, plus Nance, appear to be in the best shape to earn significant playing time in 2017. The others will likely be special teams and scout team guys as they continue to develop.

Also, while we have the third receiver designated as the slot, they are capable of playing the other spots, too. Stewart and Hammonds were taking reps in the slot, but Enlow and Allison weren’t really lining up in one particular place Saturday.

(NOTELuke Rossi – a walk-on from Oklahoma – was listed as the starting slot receiver two weeks ago. That was expected to change, but not only is he not the starter, he is no longer on the team. He retired because of recurring injury.)


Tight end

1. Austin Cantrell

2. Cheyenne O’Grady

3. Jack Kraus

4. Will Gragg

5. Jamario Bell

6. Blake Kern

*Grayson Gunter

This part of the depth chart has not changed since two weeks ago. However, we kind of have a better idea of how they will be used. Cantrell, O’Grady and Kraus worked primarily with the first team, but O’Grady and Kraus also took reps with Gragg on the second team. Bell and Kern were limited to the third team.

Gunter is not participating in full-contact drills after having offseason shoulder surgery. He figures to factor into the rotation because he played as a true freshman last season.

It’s also worth noting that fullback Hayden Johnson took reps at tight end with the third team. He is being cross-trained there because the coaches would like to have the option to throw him a few passes during the season.



1. Frank Ragnow*

2. Zach Rogers

3. Dylan Hays

4. Jackson Hannah

With Ragnow being held out of the scrimmage for precautionary reasons, Rogers moved up into the first group of linemen. Hays and Hannah worked with the second and third team, respectively. The only change here is that we removed the “or” between Rogers and Hays, because it seems as though Rogers has established himself as the backup after being pushed by Hays.


Right guard

1. Johnny Gibson

2. Jake Raulerson

3. Kirby Adcock

Left guard

1. Hjalte Froholdt

2. Deion Malone

3. Jake Heinrich

4. Cooper Sone

The big news here is that Gibson earned his starting job back. He was in the doghouse for unspecified reasons at the beginning of the spring, but has worked his way back up from the third team and overtaken Raulerson on the first team.

Froholdt showed some fire during Saturday’s scrimmage when he got into a scuffle with Armon Watts. He is the presumed starter, but Malone has also improved.

The other three guys are more developmental and got reps with the third team. Heinrich played both spots during the scrimmage, replacing Adcock at right guard at one point so Sone could get some reps at left guard.


Right tackle

1. Brian Wallace

2. Jalen Merrick

3. Dalton Wagner

Left tackle

1. Colton Jackson

2. Paul Ramirez*

3. Shane Clenin

4. Tyler Hall

The starters at the tackle positions stayed the same, with Wallace at right tackle and Jackson at left tackle. Merrick is still the backup right tackle, but the other spots have been mixed up.

Adcock – previously the third-team right tackle – moved to right guard. Although he is likely a redshirt guy, he has been praised by the coaches for his versatility. Wagner, another likely redshirt, flipped from left tackle to right tackle. Of the three early enrollees, Clenin probably has the best chance to play. However, he bumped down to third team with the emergence of Ramirez, who missed Saturday’s scrimmage because his grandmother passed away Thursday.


Nose tackle

1a. Austin Capps

1b. Bijhon Jackson

3. Jonathan Marshall

The only change here is that Capps and Jackson are splitting the first-team reps. In fact, Capps was the first guy out there on Saturday.


Defensive end

1. McTelvin Agim

2. Briston Guidry

3. Jake Hall

4. Elias Hale

Defensive end

1. Armon Watts

2. T.J. Smith

3. Daytreion Dean

With Karl Roesler moving to outside linebacker, Watts bumped up to the first team opposite Agim. That allowed Guidry to work with the second team with Smith. Hall – who converted back to defense after spending time on offense as a tackle and tight end – and Dean are the third-teamers. We did not see Hale scrimmaging, but the walk-on would presumably be behind the six players previously mentioned.


Outside linebacker (Razor)

1. Randy Ramsey

2. Dwayne Eugene

3. Tyler Phillips

4. Cory Hollowell

*Alexy Jean-Baptiste

Outside linebacker (Hog)

1. Karl Roesler

2. Michael Taylor II

3. Brandon DePrato

4. Ben Brausell

As mentioned above, Roesler moved from defensive end to outside linebacker and started as the “Hog” (hybrid OLB/DL) ahead of Taylor. However, Taylor had a big day Saturday and seems to have a lot of potential, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him earn his job back.

At the “Razor” (hybrid OLB/DB), Ramsey continues to work with the first team. There was a change behind him, though, as Eugene moved over from inside linebacker. He fills the void left by Jean-Baptiste, who will miss several weeks after breaking his foot.

The rest of the outside linebackers will probably appear only on special teams.


Inside linebacker

1. Dre Greenlaw*

2a. Josh Harris

2b. Grant Morgan

4. Terrell Collins

*Giovanni LaFrance

Inside linebacker

1. De’Jon Harris

2a. Kyrei Fisher

2b. Dee Walker

4. Damani Carter

As long as he is healthy, Greenlaw will be one of Arkansas’ starters at inside linebacker. De’Jon Harris is in good position to lock down the other starting spot.

The competition is for the backup positions. Josh Harris and Grant Morgan have split first-team reps with Greenlaw out this spring after foot surgery. Similarly, Fisher and Walker split second-team reps behind De’Jon Harris. LaFrance did not scrimmage because of a minor ankle injury, so we’re not quite sure where he figures into the depth chart.



1. Ryan Pulley

2. Britto Tutt

3. Byron Keaton


1. Henre’ Toliver

2. Kevin Richardson II

3. Nate Dalton


1. Kevin Richardson II

2. Josh Liddell

Nothing has really changed at cornerback. However, the Razorbacks have installed their nickel package (five defensive backs) since our first depth chart. In addition to being a second-team cornerback, Richardson is still the starting nickel back. He is backed up by Liddell, who is also one of Arkansas’ top safeties.


Free safety

1. De’Andre Coley

2. Reid Miller

3. Deon Edwards

*Korey Hernandez

Strong safety

1. Santos Ramirez

2. Josh Liddell

3. Micahh Smith

4. Ryder Lucas

There was some shuffling at safety, with Coley and Ramirez – who had been the top two strong safeties – starting alongside each other. Miller also got some reps with the first team. Liddell moved over to strong safety and also worked as the nickel. When Liddell went to nickel, Edwards came in at safety with the second team.

Hernandez did not scrimmage because of a minor hamstring injury.



1. Cole Hedlund

2. Connor Limpert


1. Connor Limpert

2. Jon Fagg

*Blake Johnson


1. Reid Miller

2. Grant Morgan

Long snapper

1. Robert Decker

2. George Madden

The biggest news item on special teams is that Johnson is in “extreme timeout” and his future with the team is in doubt. He did not scrimmage Saturday. Instead, Limpert moved up into that No. 1 role at punter and did well. Being left-footed is a unique aspect to his game and could make it difficult on opposing punt returners.

Kicker seems to still be a position of need for the Razorbacks, as Hedlund clanked a 38-yard field goal off the upright during the scrimmage.

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