Hampton Athlete Terry Lambert has chance to be highly recruited

Hampton athlete Terry Lambert has a chance to draw plenty of recruiting attention in the future.

The Hampton Bulldogs used the flexbone offense to enjoy a 13-1 record in 2016. The team entered the state title game at 13-0 only to fall to a talented Mount Ida team 27-26 in a thriller. While the team had a lot of quality seniors they also return a talented 2019 prospect in Terry Lambert.

Lambert is a speedy prospect who is already attracting plenty of attention in the recruiting circles. Lambert will likely be a quarterback for the Bulldogs in the future, but was more of an athlete as a sophomore. Lambert rushed seven times for 107 yards and one touchdown, caught three passes for 153 yards and a 99-yard touchdown and had 105 yards in kickoff returns.

"This past season was a good learning experience for me," Lambert said. "It was a bit challenging and I had my ups and downs but it was great. We went undefeated until the state championship game."

He was blessed with good speed and is very athletic. Lambert talked about his strengths.

"One of my strengths is my speed, agility, explosiveness, and running vision," Lambert said. "Many coaches tell me that my type of speed is something that is rare and uncommon. I also use my vision to tell where the openings in the defense are and which way I need to go."

Lambert's 365 yards of total offense and eight tackles on defense show how explosive and versatile he is as athlete. As far as feedback from the coaches and colleges, which position do they see you playing?

"Many coaches look at me as a wide receiver and quarterback," Lambert said. "Ohio State, Memphis, North Carolina, UAPB, and more look at me as a quarterback in their system. While others tend to think of me as a slot receiver. But I will play anywhere the coaches are comfortable with me."

He will attend several camps this summer in an effort to showcase his skills to the coaches at those particular schools.

"This summer I will be attending Arkansas, Alabama, Memphis, UCA and I am trying my best to make it to Wisconsin and Ohio State," Lambert said.

Lambert has visited Arkansas previously and talked about his impressions of the Razorbacks.

"Arkansas is a great college team," Lambert said. "I like the way how they present themselves as a family. They seem like a family and their coaches are so generous.

"Their offense is what excites me the most. They always tend to have a good passing game, they are beginning to have a 'up' in their running game as well with many good running backs."

While it is early in the recruiting game for Lambert who has two more years to prove what he can do on the field. He is hearing from several colleges already.

"Recruiting me are Alabama, Ohio State, North Carolina, Memphis, Wisconsin, Washington and more," Lambert said.

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