Letter to Randy Galloway

RazorHogDallas has had enough of Dallas radio personality Randy Galloway. Here's what he emailed Galloway after Arkansas beat Texas, 38-28, last week in Austin. It was posted for the rest of us on the HI.com Premium message board. Enjoy! It's so good we wanted everyone to see.

Dear Randy,

Man, was that ever sweet! Those Texas fans were dumbfounded! We were loud, and they were stunned! Randy, the SEC has toughened up these Hogs. You saw it in the Cotton Bowl in 2000. You saw it again in 2003. These aren't SWC Hogs anymore!

Randy, I never thought I would live to see the day when Arkansas has a better team than Texas, and has a better football Stadium too! (Hey, we have a better basketball arena also!) You will not believe what we have in Fayetteville now. Reynolds Razorback Stadium seats 73,000 and is an absolute palace! They even built it so it can easily be expanded by adding 8000 more seats on top of the new end zone deck. I hope you come up there next year and see for yourself. It sure has helped our recruiting.

We are getting stronger. This is Nutt's best team from a talent perspective. Every player on the squad is a Nutt recruit. The weakest class, the first year he was hired, is gone. Of course he got a late start recruiting those guys anyway. Now, from the 5th year seniors down to the true freshman, every player has been recruited for a full year before they have joined the Nutt regime. Did you noticed those four 5th year seniors in our offensive line shoving Texas around? Oh, plus a little guy named Shawn Andrews, just a lowly junior!

Randy, this team should have been ranked preseason. After all, they did go 9-3 in the regular season last year and won the SEC West. We just happened to run into the best team Georgia has EVER had in the Georgia Dome! (yes, better than Herschel's team) in front of 60,000 Georgia fans and 10,000 Arkansas fans. The team was demoralized over that loss, and admittedly played poorly in the bowl game. Matt Jones had been hurt as well, and was never 100% in the last half of the season.

Randy, I can honestly tell you that I was not shocked. All the Hogs fans sitting around me thought we had a good chance to win.

Randy, did you notice those 26 Texas kids on our roster. Remember how you always said on your radio show that the Pig People blew it by going to the SEC? We now get the Texas kids, but we also get some Louisiana kids, some Alabama kids, some Mississippi kids, and some Tennessee kids. Did you notice our leading receiver was from Kentucky?

Randy, Houston Nutt has been to five straight bowls. Yet we are still ramping up. Nutt is poised for a super solid run over the next 10 to 15 years. He is from Arkansas and wants to stay there. He really does have a chance to be the next Frank Broyles. However, he has several advantages that Broyles never had, lots of SEC money and the best facilities anywhere. You may think I am blowing smoke, but I walked all around DKR Memorial Stadium in Austin, and we clearly have the better facility. Make sure when you are in Fayetteville next year that you walk around under the visitors stands and you will see what I mean..............hell, even ask for a stadium tour, I am sure Jerry Jones will be happy to show you around! grin!

Sincerely, RazorHogDallas

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