Wednesday Grid Report, 10/1

Arkansas continued to use the open date to work on fundamentals and look at younger players in scrimmage situations.

The starters went for about 75 minutes and then turned things over to the younger guys, who got in more scrimmage time.

Three noteworthy things - Lawrence Richardson did a lot more today and seems all set to be ready for Auburn; Bo Mosley will most likely not be ready and James Johnson has been moved from the defensive front to the offensive one.

"This is the most (Lawrence) has done in two-and-half weeks," UA head football coach Houston Nutt said. "I was excited about that."

The Razorbacks spent a lot of time on the kickoff return today and will hit the punt return team on Thursday in what will be a real short workout as the coaches get out recruiting.

"I feell like that (punt return) team that can give us some points and we are real close," UA head football coach Houston Nutt said. "We are missing a couple of blocks here or there and Marvin Jackson is too good of a punt returner not to get us some better field position and points out of that team."

Nutt was quick to praise some of the younger guys after the scrimmage including offensive lineman Robert Felton, Tyler Morgan and Johnson. He also saw things he liked from tailbacks John Johnson and Radale Pearson, fullback Faread Jackson and quarterbacks Landon Leach and Robert Johnson

He gave props defensively to linebacker Anthony Gray, cornerback Chris Houston, safety Kevin Woods and defensive lineman Jayson Johnson.

Arkansas will practice Thursday and then have Friday and Saturday off as the coaches go out to recruit.

Nutt also spent some time at the end of practice loosening up his arm to play in the FCA Arkansas Alumni game Saturday in Springdale.

"It's going to be fun," Nutt said.

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