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Arkansas wide receiver George Wilson was called for two penalties that may have been the crucial plays in Arkansas' 10-3 loss to Auburn. We'll bring you what he had to say about those calls, along with comments from Houston Nutt and Matt Jones.

Auburn's cornerback thought George Wilson guilty of a "dirty play," and said Wilson definitely had "hold of my ankle" on the TD run by Matt Jones which was called back because of a holding penalty. In the other locker room, Arkansas wide receiver George Wilson said, one of the league's best downfield blockers, said, "I saw it on the replay and it wasn't holding. It was just a cut block. I asked the ref who called it to look at it on the replay twice, but he wouldn't turn. I won't change the way I blocked. There were two calls on me today that changed the game, but I don't think they were holds. They allow you to grab the jersey if your hands are straight out. On Cedric's run, the man turned and I let go of the jersey like they tell us. That's not a hold. I won't change the way I block. I try to block my butt off for my backs. That's what I'll keep doing."

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt thought Wilson's blocks were legal, and the one that spring quarterback Matt Jones for a TD happened right in front of the UA head coach.

"George Wilson is the most reliable guy on the team and such a team player," Nutt said. "His downfield block was legal, but I think the guy fell backwards and that's what threw (the officials) off. Trying to rebound from those (penalties) and get back back down the field was hard."

On Matt Jones' performance, Nutt said, "No one hated that fumble more than him. He felt like everything was his fault, but I told him to remember all the big plays he had to help us get down the field. You have to give credit to Auburn's defense, they put a lot of pressure on him and forced him to throw the ball."

Matt Jones, 13 of 28 passing for 168 yards, thought his teammates played fine against Auburn. He pointed to his play as the difference in Arkansas' 10-3 loss.

"I didn't execute what was there, and I lost a big fumble," Matt Jones said. "I don't guess I played very good today. We probably would have won if I played a little better. It would have been a different game.

"Yes, we had some bad breaks on some things that were called back, but it would have been different had I played normal. Auburn has a very good defense. They are fast and play hard. But I think I made too many mistakes. We should have scored 24 to 28 points, but we didn't because I made some key mistakes. The holding calls? I want to check those out on film. Those really hurt. We had the momentum and those calls took it away. We had it 10-10 and it's called back. The fumble? I didn't have the ball protected. That's my fault. Got to hang on to it there. The bottom line is that I have got to play better than that for us to win."

On the fourth-down sack to end Arkansas' last legitimate chance, Jones said he had Richard Smith open on a curl.

"I was going to him in one more split second," Jones said. "He was open. I was going to get it to him and we had a first down."

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