Hold on Wilson Not a Hold

Houston Nutt wasn't happy when he saw the play that SEC referee Larry Leatherwood called a hold against George Wilson. The penalty erased a 78-yard TD run by Matt Jones in the fourth quarter.

George Wilson, the Hogs' senior captain, was called for two holding penalties in Arkansas' 10-3 loss to Auburn. Houston Nutt saw the film, and wasn't pleased with the work of SEC official Larry Leatherwood.

"On the first one, I can see where they would call it. I'll give them that one, although the guy had George's face mask, too. The second one ... it was a good block."

Nutt said he would mention those two calls when he has his weekly phone conversation with SEC supervisor Bobby Gaston.

"I talk to him each week on the good and the bad," Nutt said. "I'll talk to him (on Monday)."

However, Nutt didn't want to say the refs cost the Hogs the game.

"We had only five penalties, and I'll take that as a number, but there were some backbreakers in there," he said. "But I'm telling you what I told my team in two-a-days, the officials are human and they will miss some. You have to be good enough not to let it affect the outcome.

Injury update:

"We had a personal foul just before halftime. That was seven points. The thing that surprises you is that it was our two most dependable people, Thomas Crowder and George Wilson. You look at how those two play each play and they are players you believe in and trust."

Houston Nutt said that the Hogs escaped any serious injuries from the Auburn game.

"We came out of it pretty good there (with injuries," Nutt said. "The worse is Jared Hicks. I haven't seen him, but we think he's okay. He only played 14 playes yesterday and that affected some things we did and how we did them. We had to play Brandon (Kennedy) and Mark (Pierce) together and you could see them looking at each other in the huddle about who would do what."

Caleb Miller's bruised knee is not believed to be serious.

Lawrence Richardson was held out some in the second half for precautionary reasons.

"Lawrence is getting closer, but when we thought they might be wanting to go deep, you were a little nervous," Nutt said. "He's not 100 percent, but he's getting closer."

Here are more comments from Houston Nutt on Sunday after the 10-3 setback to Auburn.

On the loss:

It was awfully disappointing.

"I was proud of the defense. Auburn has a group of talented backs and we knew they would have an agenda of handing it to them. We did a wonderful job of tackling. If you told me we'd hold them to 10 points, I would have thought it would equate a victory.

"Offensively, we were not ourselves, especially in the first half. Overall, we had some foolish penalties. I just wish we could have gotten in the end zone because with the crowd, that would have put some pressure on them.

"On defense, i was proud of Caleb Miller, Tony Bua, Arrion Dixon and Jeb Huckeba. Every time Cadillac (Williams) touched it, he has the ability to go the distance. We did a good job on him.

"Offensively, we have to get ourselves ready to play. Maybe it was the off week. There is good and bad with the off week. The good is that you can get healthy. The bad is that it can throw off your rhythm. We were a little off yesterday."

On the lack of blocking:

"We were not as physical as we'd been in the last few weeks. We were not stepping quick enough. Give Auburn credit. They came out there with their jaw set.

"Shawn Andrews did not have one of his better games. Auburn was really moving and rocking. They played with great speed. Give Auburn credit. They came with great intensity. They were at a level higher than we were."

On why Arkansas was slow to get to the line of scrimmage on offense:

"It starts before you get in the huddle. You have to get the play from the sideline, get in the huddle, get it called and get out. We got out of the huddle slow yesterday. We have to do a better job of getting it communicated to your teammates and get them to the line of scrimmage. We are going to get that corrected beginning today."

On why Ryan Sorahan didn't play more:

"I've got to use Ryan Sorahan more. What happens ... it was like Alabama ... the score was tight early and you think you are about to break a big play and it makes it tough to sub. You think it's going to happen any minute.

"We are going to get Ryan more time. That's the way we started the season and we are going back to that."

On the play of Arrion Dixon in the defensive line:

"He's finally getting healthy. He had some nagging injuries, but he's about full speed now. Arrion played 58 snaps and he had 49 plusses. He gave great effort. he played the whole game lights out."

Did field position change the play calling in the first half:

"At the start, we did try to make a statement to try to be physical. We were saying, we are going to come at you no matter how many you have up there. We didn't get it done.

"We did call some passes to try to get off the goal line and we hit them.

"The bottom line is that we didn't get it done and it starts with me."

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