Nutt Comments on Georgia Game

"After watching the film I was really proud of our team's effort and the offensive line. The offensive line has really improved since the first week of the season. I am also very proud of Zak Clark. (Quarterback coach) David Lee had Zak prepared for the game. He did an excellent job of leading the team last night. He did everything we told him to do.

"I thought our receivers did a good job. Richard Smith continues to give us great effort. Steven Harris caught a big ball.
"Marvin Jackson really swung the game around with the punt return. That was well executed. He set it up nicely and got a good wall.
"Defensively, we gave up too much. Georgia is the best team we've faced in all phases of the game. They have big offensive linemen. They did a great job of mixing it up. I thought we played well early. But as the game went on, they were able to make some plays."
Talk about Georgia's quarterback David Greene:
"He was very accurate. We were hoping they would be a little rusty after having 21 days off. But he did a very good job. If you take out a couple of those long post routes, we were in a pretty good position. We got out-leveraged a little bit. But they made the big plays."
Comment on the penalties in the game:
"I've never been a part of a game that had that many. That was one of the things we addressed in our staff meeting. We jumped off a few times and we've got to get that corrected. You can't give gifts like that and help them out. We almost played without a turnover, just one interception. But we gave them 25 yards on penalties on their first drive. "The other spot that was bothersome was the kickoff team. We lost Brandon Holmes and Lawrence (Richardson) got a little winded. We took those two out and then they changed up schemes on us and they hit it up the right side a couple of times. We didn't kick the ball as well as we should have either. Usually we've been kicking it out of the end zone. "We've also got to do a better job of knowing when to take a knee and not run the ball out."
Talk about the defense. Was there a let down?
"You have to give Georgia a lot of credit, they did a really good job. But, we are better than that, we know it. We've been good against the pass and the run this year, and we've got to get back to it. We're a little undersized, but we make up for it with speed."
What was the difference in the second half?
"We didn't get the ball. And when we did, we had two three and outs. Georgia kept the ball for most of the second half. They came out to stop our run in the second half and they did a good job of not letting us control the ball."
Talk about Fred Talley:
"He's not 100 percent. He's still hurt with his ribs and knee from the previous week. He's fighting through it. He is probably the toughest player on the team. Hopefully we'll get him back."
What about Brandon Holmes' and Cedric Cobbs' injuries?
"He has a slightly sprained shoulder. Cedric still has a problem with his hamstring. He's getting treatment around the clock and hopefully we'll get him back this week. Cedric was cautious with it and tried to go full speed in pre-game and that's when he hurt it again. It's tough having a guy like that on the sideline."
What do you do with all three tailbacks banged up?
"I think Holmes and Talley will be back, I just don't know how close to 100 percent they will be. But if they can't go, we'll get Decori Birmingham at tailback and bring up De'Arrius Howard for some reps, hopefully we won't have to play him. But between Mark Pierce and Decori, we should be okay. So that way we can redshirt Kyle Dickerson and Howard. But just for tomorrow, that's what we are looking at, getting Decori and De'Arrius some reps."
What is the situation with Brandon's legal situation?
"I found out late Friday afternoon and then talked to Brandon and his mother. They will take care of it on Monday. He was trying to get to the end of the month when he would get paid. "I know he should not have driven his car. He knows he shouldn't have. But it's tough when you live off campus. I'm not trying to take up for that, but I think we all might have done the same thing if you had to get to class and didn't have another way. "I told him he should have gone to court and he knows that. He went one time and they set another date, and that's when he missed it. Bottom line, he needs to take care of his business. I couldn't see punishing him for it because it wasn't a severe case like a DUI, or theft or robbery. It was basically like a speeding ticket. "His reasoning was that he didn't have any money until the end of the month from his mother. Now it's the end of the month and he will get it taken care of."
So there will no be any punishment?
"I might give him a friendly reminder to make him more responsible."
If all three tailbacks are able to go, how will you use them this week? "I'm not sure just yet. It depends on how they practice."
How is Sorahan progressing?
"He's still very sore. He can't bend down to touch his toes. It's too early to tell right now. It just seem like every week it's been something else."
Talk about the play calling in the Georgia game?
"After watching film, I thought they would pressure us and try to make Zak beat them since he has not been starting. We knew they had press corners and would get one-on-one. We had what we wanted and just turned it loose. We told our players we would throw it deep on the first five plays and put it on our receivers to come up big. "We tried to get the ball to our tight ends, but just were not able to."
Talk about the job of the corners:
"There were a lot of balls that could have easily been incomplete and we'd all be smiling right now. Georgia has great receivers and a great quarterback, and they did a great job. Especially when they ran the no-huddle. Take out about four passes and we come up big."
Were you surprised with Zak's performance?
"Because of the week that he had in practice, no. He was ready to play. He tried so hard in that first game to complete every ball. And being a former quarterback, I know exactly how he felt. But it wasn't happening for him in that first game, and you have to make a move. But he got back in there and had a great night. He was throwing like the guy that left here in the spring. "We're telling the players to just stay positive. But, there is only one cure and that's a win. But we have to keep working because you can't have 14 penalties, a turnover and a breakdown in kickoff coverage and get that win."
Will a win over a I-AA team be enough to get the team going?
"Maybe. I think a win over anybody is what we need right now."
What was the approach to getting Weber State on the schedule?
"Coach Broyles handled all of that and it was a tough situation. We didn't want to play at the end of the year. We could have easily only had 10 games because it's tough finding someone who has an open date when you do and is able to play that weekend."
Talk about the rest of the schedule:
"We are very glad to be playing in the state of Arkansas for five of the next seven games. This has been a long, tough road. The Green Bay Packers would have had a tough time with Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. We'd love to be 3-1 or 2-2, but I know our kids are fighters. Our attitude is good and we've got some good senior leadership. We've got a two-week run here in Arkansas and we need to use that to our advantage."
What is the injury situation besides the running backs?
"Carlos Hall still has a high ankle sprain. Eddie Jackson has a slight hamstring sprain. Richard Smith is a little bruised, but he is okay. Overall, it's not too bad."

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