Tuesday Grid Report, 10/14

Houston Nutt said the Hogs won't dwell on the flags from the Auburn game any more.

Houston Nutt said there will be no more discussion of the Auburn game. Specifically, the talk about penalties is over.

"If you ask our players, they aren't going to talk about that," Nutt said. "We've moved past it. It's a waste of energy. We've got Florida coming to town. We are in the toughest conference in America. All of our energy, all of our focus will be on Florida."

The Hogs worked two hours in full pads in what may have been their best and most intense workout of the young season. Offensive line coach Mike Markuson called it a "great" workout. There were plenty of hitting sessions in middle and goal line drills.

"We got after it," Markuson said. "That's what we didn't do in our last game. We weren't ready to play. I don't know why, but we didn't bring it the way we've brought it in the last four games. We brought it today.

"We have to be aggressive and come off the ball. We did that in practice today. We were quick, fast and we played hard. That's what we must do Saturday. I think you'll see a different team out there Saturday.

"We had been the hunter the last few games. We lost that in our game last week. We were the hunted. We are going back to the mentality of the team that is the aggressor that has something to prove."

Asked if there had been too many nice things said about the Hogs since they had popped into the top 10, Markuson said that may have been the case.

"Maybe they heard too much about themselves," he said. "You can't pay any attention to all that (hype), but then again we hadn't had much experience dealing with it. You can't look at the polls. Maybe we did."

Nutt called the workout spirited and sharp. He liked the way Caleb Miller (knee) moved around, but worries a bit about tight end Jared Hicks (bruised back).

"Jared didn't do a lot today," Nutt said. "He's sore. We expect him to be a lot better on Wednesday. Just in case, we looked at Mark Pierce in some sets that we use two tight ends and we also looked at Tony Ugoh."

Markuson said, "Tony is a guy that can do some things blocking in certain sets, and we can also use Kyle Roper there. Kyle played tight end in high school and would be a player that could help there without much training. He's got experience at tight end."

Quarterback coach Roy Wittke was pleased with the workout, noting that both quarterbacks got the team in and out of the huddle with a sense of urgency.

"We were better today," Wittke said. "Coach Nutt did a great job in our scout meeting before we came out and got some things straight. I thought it was a really good practice. We've got some older players and they stepped up to the challenge today.

"We gave Matt Jones a few more snaps in pass skeleton today and he'll get even more in some other areas the next two days. We want to keep his shoulder fresh, but we needed to get him some work this week to get things a little sharper. He had a good day, but so did Ryan Sorahan. Our quarterbacks were good today."

Despite the extra hitting sessions Tuesday, the Hogs didn't have any new injuries.

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