Florida 33, Arkansas 28 (Final)

Cornerback Keiwan Ratliff intercepted three passes to help Florida race to a 33-7 lead, but Matt Jones engineered three late drives as the Hogs mounted a valiant rally. A personal foul penalty negated Sam Olajubutu's pass interception with 1:32 left which could have given the Hogs a chance at the victory.

Arkansas outplayed Florida in the final eight minutes, but lost a chance for an improbable rally on a unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty which wiped out Sam Olajubutu's pass interception with 1:32 left. Olajubutu got the Hogs the ball at the UF 42 when Chris Leak threw wildly on a scramble in front of the UA bench. Referee Penn Wagers called the penalty when Leach was hit just after letting the ball fly.

The Hogs were trailing by a 33-7 count when Matt Jones took control with three quick drives to put them in striking range.

Florida won the first half with Chris Leak's short passing. The freshman quarterback made big plays on screens and short throws to tight end Ben Troupe. The Gators were out-yarded, 246 to 225, but kept the Hogs off balance with 202 yards through the air. Leak completed 15 of 25 throws. Cedric Cobbs led the UA attack with 88 yards on 14 rushes.

Arkansas' only score came on a quick, four-play touchdown march late in the first quarter. Quarterback Ryan Sorahan, taking over after two possessions by Matt Jones, didn't have to do much fancy. Mainly, he just handed it to Cedric Cobbs. The senior tailback rolled over left tackle for 31 yards to open the march, then blasted off right tackle for 13 on the next play. Sorahan found George Wilson on a curl for 18. Cobbs went in standing up for the final 7 yards. It was 7-0 Arkansas at 0:57 of the first quarter.

The Hogs dodged a bullet when Tony Bua intercepted just inches short of the goal line on Florida's next possession. The Gators returned the kickoff 59 yards, then Leak hit Jemalle Cornelius on a short curl and the receiver rambled 33 yards to the 7-yard line. On third and goal, leak tried a slant and Bua broke it up and somehow ended up with the ball at the goal line. It took a long conference among the officials before they ruled it an interception.

The Hogs managed one first down on Sorahan's strike to Wilson on third-and-3, but his third-and-10 try was batted at the line of scrimmage. Keiwan Ratliff's 9-yard punt return put the Gators at the UA 47-yard line, and a roughing the passer penalty against Brandon Holmes put them at the UA 15 just one play later. That led to a 33-yard field goal by Matt Leach to make it 7-3 at 11:42 of the second quarter.

Jones returned to find DeCori Birmingham for 11 and Steven Harris for 31. But, the Hogs stalled when their attempt at a quick play lost 2 yards and Jones was incomplete twice. He had Wilson on a deep curl, but the UF defensive back got there at the same time the ball arrived and it went incomplete. Chris Balseiro's 53-yard field goal try was just a bit wide left and maybe a yard or two short.

Florida took possession at its 36-yard line after the miss. The Gators drove 64 yards in five plays to take the lead. Leak had back-to-back throws to Troupe for 6 and 29 yards. He found Ciatrick Fason in the right flats for a 33-yard screen pass. No Razorback had a chance at the tackle with perfect blocking walling off the UF sideline. It was 10-7 at 6:59 of the second quarter.

Cobbs had a 13-yard dash to move the Hogs to their 39 on their next possession, but Jones was intercepted when he tried to force a throw between two Gators for George Wilson. The ball was batted and intercepted by a diving Ratliff at the UA 48-yard line.

Florida moved the chains once on another screen pass, this one a 21-yarder to wideout Andre Caldwell. That was good enough to put the Gators in position for Leach's 39-yarder to stretch the UF lead to 13-7 with 5:15 left in the half.

The Gators found their running game at halftime. Fason sprinted 75 yards off of right tackle to open the second half. Bua was the only Hog to touch him. He had both hands on his shoulder pads on a tackle attempt from the side, but Fason sprinted through his arms. The Gators went for two, but Beasley made the tackle in the flats on a short pass for no gain. It was 19-7 at 14:41 of the third quarter.

The Hogs kept it for 14 plays, but came away empty when Jones was hit from behind and sacked on fourth-and-2 from the UF 18-yard line. The Hogs had converted fourth-and-2 on Mark Pierce's 2-yard run earlier in the drive. Jones erased second-and-13 with a 26-yard lob to Jason Peters. The Hogs decided against trying what would have been a 35-yard field goal which would have made it 19-10.

The Gators got a break on their next possession when an apparent fumble was blown dead after Jimarr Gallon's hit on a short completion. Gallon had his helmet ripped off by a Gator after the whistle, and that wasn't called either. The UA crowd of 73,934 booed the officials after the replay, something that has become a regular happening over the last two weeks.

Jones passed 26 yard to Wilson, beating Ratliff. The superb Florida cornerback baited him into a throw for Carlos Ousley on second-and-10. Jones, on a rollout, didn't have enough zip on the ball and Ratliff stepped up to make the interception, his second of the game with 4:58 of the third quarter.

The Hogs gave the Gators another easy 15 yards when Leak was roughed after a throw away on first down. Arrion Dixon pushed him in the face mask, an illegal hit. Referee Penn Wagers had left his microphone on, and told everyone three times that Dixon "can't hit him in the head." Leak found his fullback in the flats for a 20-yard gain. DeShawn Wynn got the final 17 over right tackle to complete a six-play, 62-yard touchdown march. It was 26-7 at 2:03 of the third.

Sorahan was inserted at quarterback. The Hogs got one first down on a pass interference penalty against Ratliff, but no more. Jacob Skinner, perhaps the Hogs' most consistent player on the day, boomed a 53-yard punt to put the Gators back to their 12-yard line to end the third quarter when Ahmad Carroll made a nice open-field tackle of Ratliff.

The Hogs got it back at the UF 35-yard line for their next possession when the Gators knocked down the punt return specialist for a 15-yard penalty. They lost that field position on a holding call which erased a 14-yard completion on the first play. Sorahan was incomplete on three straight tries to set up fourth-and-20. Ratliff made a nice breakup on Sorahan's third-down throw on an open Richard Smith near the sideline. Skinner punted it 38 yards to the 7-yard line where Thomas Crowder downed it.

Ratliff got his third interception, to tie the Florida school record, when Sorahan telegraphed a pass in the flat. Ratliff returned it 44 yards for a touchdown to make it 33-7 at 8:46. Ratliff had an easy time juking Sorahan at the 15-yard line.

The Hogs finally ended Florida's scoring on slaught when Jones returned to lead a five-play, 64-yard scoring march on a 12-yard TD pass to Richard Smith. Smith also had catches of 14 and 24 yards and the Gators roughed Jones for another 15 yards. It was 33-14 at 7:21 of the fourth.

On the Hogs' next try, Jones opened with a 26-yard scramble. He found Richard Smith for a 50-yard pass and run to the UF 6-yard line. Jones passed to Wilson for the touchdown, but the Hogs were penalized 5 yards for not enough men on the line. Jones got it on the next play with an 8-yard TD pass to Peters. It was 33-21 at 5:09 of the fourth. It was a three-play, 82-yard march.

Kelvin Kight recovered the onside kick for the Gators. The Hogs got a sack from Bua, then a 28-yard punt return from DeCori Birmigham and then a 15-yard late hit to start at the UF 34 with 3:47 left. Jones found Harris for 18 and 6 on consecutive completions. He was incomplete twice to set up four-and-4 at the UF 10. Jones scrambled to his left to fire a bullet in the back of the end zone to a wide open Smith for the 10-yard TD play. The lead was down to 33-28 with 3:11 left.

Arkansas got it back on Sam Olajubutu's pass intercdeption at the UF 42-yard line with 1:32 left, but roughing the passer was called to erase the turnover and give the Gators a first down. The Gators got another 30 yards on unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to move the ball to the UA 20 before they would have to snap the ball again.

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