Quotes and Notes after Florida

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt wants "smarter" play after reviewing film of the Hogs' 33-28 loss to Florida.

Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt said he will continue to utilize the two QB system this week.

"Yes, we will," Nutt said. "Matt Jones had a nice fourth quarter, but we didn't do a lot until then. We got our touchdown with Ryan Sorahan in the game."

Houston Nutt isn't surprised that Ole Miss is 3-0 in the SEC.

"They are playing so well," Nutt said. "They have the best of both worlds. They are running it better than they've been running it and that gives them the play-action pass with Eli Manning. They fake the run and throw over you. They are pretty good right now. We are seeing a lot of teams at their best. Ole Miss is playing at its best right now."

Penalties, penalties, penalties.

That will be the focus of the meeting Sunday afternoon, Nutt said.

"The main thing we are going to talk about is playing smarter," Nutt said. "That will be the theme this afternoon. I promise you we will get that fixed.

"We had five last week and they were all critical. This week, we had 12 and there were some big ones. We had some 15 and 10-yard penalties that killed us. The roughing penalties ... three of them in my mind ... are so costly. Two of them gave them great field position and the third ended the game ... allowed them to run out the clock.

"You just have to play smarter. The referee is going to protect the quarterback ... at least their quarterback. You can't hit them in the face. The bottom line is you just can't do it. The last one is tough. Tony Bua was going full speed. The quarterback was moving and Tony was leaving his feet. I don't believe Tony had any intent to do what he did. The way the quarterback was falling, it just happened. Somehow you just have to make sure you don't hit him in the helmet. It's tough but you have to make sure you don't. It's tough, but you got to (make sure)."

Really, nothing new is known Sunday afternoon on the injury report. The team will not work out today. They have been given the day off as far as practice. They'll watch film and then have a team meeting to discuss the task ahead. They will get Monday off, too, and then resume workouts on Tuesday.

Dean Weber told Houston Nutt he did not think Cedric Cobbs' hamstring injury was "that bad" on Saturday night after the game. But Nutt said hamstrings "are so different that you really won't know anything until you see if he can go Tuesday."

Of the other injuries, De'Arrius Howard's ankle sprain is the most significant. He could miss this week.

"If we have De'Arrius or Cedric, we'd probably leave everyone where they are and make sure Mark Pierce is ready," Nutt said. "If they are both unable to practice and won't play, we'd move someone ... probably DeCori Birmingham first." The Hogs could also move Brandon Holmes back to tailback if things worsen on the injury front.

Pierce sustained a slight dislocation of the shoulder that has bothered him since preseason, but that has been something that "pops back in. He's tough."

Houston Nutt said they thought about going for two on the second TD, but figured they were scoring fast enough that they would get a chance to win it with a touchdown and that's what they thought was going to happen before Bua's penalty. Nutt said they did the right thing based on the way the game turned out.

(Just between you guys and me, I don't think they have confidence in their field goal kicker to try to tie a game. Winning a game is one thing, but kicking for a tie is something different. And just between us, I would have done it the same way as Nutt did. I'm not saying I would have done everything the same, but I wouldn't have gone for two.)

"The odds of you making both two-point plays aren't really with you,'" Nutt said. "Making one ... maybe ... making both of them. I don't look at it as something that you had the odds in your favor."

Nutt was asked if he'd seen the leaders take control since the loss to Florida.

"I'll know more after tonight," Nutt said. "I'll have a better feel after I see them this afternoon. We haven't been around them this morning."

The official coaches tackle chart after grading the film:

Caleb Miller 7 solos, 13 total.
Arrion Dixon 5 solos, 10 total.
Jimmy Beasley 5 solos, 8 total.
Elliott Harris 3 solos, 7 total.
Ahmad Carroll 5 solos, 6 total.
Sam Olajubutu 4 solos, 6 total.
Jimarr Gallon 4 solos, 5 total.
Tony Bua 3 solos, 5 total.
Brandon Holmes 2 solo, 5 total.
Scott Davenport 2 solos, 5 total.
Jeb Huckeba 3 solos, 4 total.
Bo Mosley 2 solos, 4 total.
Justin Scott 1 solo, 4 total.
Pierrre Brown 2 solos, 3 total.
Lawrence Richardson 1 solo, 3 total.
Wes Murphy 0 solo, 3 total.
Marvin Jackson 1 solo, 2 total.
Desmond Sims 1 solo, 2 total.

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