Okam Wants to Reset Visit

Franklin Okam couldn't make it to the Arkansas-Florida game, but he'll be coming to the Ozarks soon.

Dallas Lake Highlands defensive tackle Franklin Okam (6-7, 320) had wanted to make it to Fayetteville for the Arkansas-Florida game this weekend, but couldn't make it at the last moment.

"I had really hoped to get up there, but things didn't work out," Okam said. "But I think I am going to be able to come to one of the games in November on an unofficial. At least that's what I'm hoping to do."

Okam, who attended the Oklahoma-Texas game the previous week, has only one official visit set up and that's to Oklahoma on Nov. 14-16.

"That's the only one I have set up right now, but I am going to take four more," Okam said. "I'm thinking right now that Arkansas is going to be one of them."

Okam, being recruited by UA assistant coach Bobby Allen, is anxious to tour the campus once again.

"I was up there this summer just on an unofficial and really like the fact that it was a big school in a small town," Okam said. "That appeals to me a lot as does the opportunity to get to play a lot early."

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