Tuesday Hoops Report, 10/21

Don Oglesby is a regular at basketball practice. Here's his report from Tuesday, 10/22. Oglesby is also a regular poster on our premium message board. You can ask Don questions about practice each day.

Didn't talk to Stan Heath after practice today, but doubt he was as pleased as he has been to this point. The effort and energy were there but the concentration and execution lagged just a little today. Nevertheless it was a good day's work with a lot accomplished.

The defensive drills early in practice featured one of the three assistants at each of three stations. One station seemed to be working on recognizing when to switch and when to fight through the screen. A second station gave practice in coming over the top on screens, fighting through, or slipping beneath the screen and picking the man up on the other side. The third station drilled on defensive positions when you man is one, two, or three passes from the ball. I think I saw a little work on defending the screen-roll as well.

They also worked on several early offense patterns off the break. There weere two or three drills. With each drill they run it three times and exercise a different option on each of the threee trips.

Nobody was what you would call hot during the scrimmage, but Pookie Modica, Eric Ferguson and Ronnie Brewer probably did the most good things.

At the conclusion of practice they ran a three man weave drill where the objective was to score 20 layups in two minutes. That is moving! The first time they got 17. The second time they had 19 with three seconds remaining. As they came upcourt for the last trip Ronnie let fly an off-balance shot from about 30 feet as time expired and it went in as if it had eyes. That was a good note on which to end practice, which they did.

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