Arkansas Commit interactive Chat Recap Q&A

Arkansas Commitment <b>Alex Mortensen</b> joined members of Hawgs Illustrated in the chat room last night for a 30 minute Q&A. You may have missed the chat, but here is your chance to catch back up on the action!

The format for the chat was as follows: Alex Mortensen was on the telephone with Southeastern Recruiting Analyst Scott Kennedy. Scott fielded questions from members of Hawgs Illustrated in the chat room, and relayed them to Alex. Alex then answered, and Scott relayed the answers back to the members of Hawgs Illustrated via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

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  lobohog: Who finished second in his choice of schools?
Alex Mortensen
:  Tough Question... really there were a lot of schools that were pretty tight, , like UNC/LSU/Auburn among others, I even looked as far as Hawaii, Arkansas has really been my favorite for a while. I just wanted to take some other visits to make sure.

Dilibe: Alex do you plan on redshirting or playing your first year?
Alex Mortensen: Bottom line is I'm going in to compete at the highest level I can, with the attitude that I want to play. It's really the coaches decision, but I want to go in and compete, and hopefully we can make each other better. I'm confident that I can come in and play. The speed of he game is a lot different, but I am definitely going to make an effort to come in and play

VossHog: Alex, what did you think of the recruiting process and can you tell us any juicy stories?
Alex Mortensen: I must of told the guys too early that I was a Christian, because I didn't get hooked up with anything too juicy (laughs).

Dilibe: Alex when you came to the games what do you have to say about our group of receivers?
Alex Mortensen: Watching late in the Florida game, I saw that they made some plays, and they are a big reason why Arkansas almost won that game. I like the way they compete for the ball.

VossHog: Alex, what impressed you most about Arkansas?
Alex Mortensen: The people: ranging from the coaching staff to the players, the fans, I just saw a lot of high quality people. Everyone has good facilities, everyone in the SEC is going to be competitive, but the thing that was biggest thing about Arkansas was the people.

JDHogg: Have you talked to any other recruits about coming to Arkansas?
Alex Mortensen: I have, I've spoken with Cody Green, Jeremy Ciulla, Darius Walker.  I'm going to give Darius Walker a call here pretty soon.

Dilibe: Alex do you know if you are going to be playing in the GA VS Fla all-star game yet???
Scott Kennedy: They haven't done a GA/FL All-Star game in two years. They are having a North/South All-Star game in Georgia though.
Alex Mortensen: I don't know about The North/South Game yet.

VossHog: Alex, is Darius Walker giving any hints as to where he might be headed (nudge, nudge)
Alex Mortensen: Nope....(laughs)

RobinHog: Alex are you going to work on Adrian Peterson to join you in the backfield?
Alex Mortensen: I would love to talk to him, and I am going to call him soon. He would be a huge addition.... Adrian if you read this, come join me at Arkansas to come win a national championship!

VossHog: Alex,  What's the furthest you've ever chunked a football?
Alex Mortensen: I think 70 yards

Dilibe: Alex whats the deal with Micheal Grant?
Alex Mortensen: Dilibe - I haven't talked to him, I know he is, but I don't know him

Dilibe: Alex does your high school run 5 wide sets?
Alex Mortensen: Dilibe - We're more of a 4 wide, one back team

labb: Do you suppose Alex has any idea that he now has 1000's of best friends?
Alex Mortensen: It's all really starting to sink in. It's kind of strange to go in and sign autographs, when I haven't even played a down yet... (laughs)

JWRIGHT: Do you prefer operating out of the shotgun or under center?
Alex Mortensen: I can't really say I have a preference, I am probably a little more comfortable out of the gun, but we are doing a lot of work under center now.

baldhog: How long does it takes to get to Fayetteville from Atlanta?
Alex Mortensen: In the car it takes about 13 hours

baldhog: Have you seen seen Marcus Monk play? 
Alex Mortensen: No, I have not gotten to see him, Randolph Morris got to room with him at a basketball camp, and Randolph spoke very highly of him.

Hamela Anderson: What will your major be?
Alex Mortensen: Right now it will either be business or communications.....

VossHog: Alex, if you had to play another sport besides FB in college, what would it be?
Alex Mortensen: Either basketball or baseball, if I could be awesome at basketball, it would be a lot of fun

Heights Hog: What offensive approach do you think it will take to win in the SEC?
Alex Mortensen: Heights Hog - I think it will take balance, you have to be able to run and pass, and they both compliment each other, and I believe we are going to have the players and the coaches to do it.

baldhog: Does your school have a good weight program?
Alex Mortensen: We have a very good weight program, but currently, I've been working with Al Miller going back to my freshman year. He's the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

RobinHog: Alex, Do you have a favorite jersey number you want when you get here?  And who was/is your favorite FORMER Hog QB?
Alex Mortensen: I wear 7 now, but I told Darius Walker if he came, I'd let him have 7 and I'd where 15 or something (laughs). Clint Stoerner is probably my favorite Arkansas quarterback.

VossHog: Alex, do you plan on coming to Fay-Vegas (Fayetteville) at the start of the summer, middle, or end?
Alex Mortensen: I will be there at the start of the summer, probably a week after graduation.. I want to get to work on the playbook and maybe take some classes.

DudleyD: How is the season going and are the playoffs shaping up?
Alex Mortensen: Right now, we are 5-1 on the season, and undefeated in the region. We have some tough opponents on the schedule, things are shaping up good for us, because we have some guys that are just starting to get healthy.

Heights Hog: Alex what kind of influence has your father had on your game?
Alex Mortensen: He is an encouragement. When things aren't going as well as they could, he is very encouraging, and obviously as much as he is around football, it carries over.
Scott Kennedy: One of the things I've noticed about Alex, is that being around such a high level of football has made him very calm and very poised. When you start going to Dallas Cowboys' training camps when you are eight years old, you are not going to be awed by the game of football and some of the high pressure situations that might normally rattle a player with less experience.

VossHog: Alex, who would you compare your game to right now...If anyone?
Alex Mortensen: I'd rather talk about players I admire than compare myself to anyone.  I like Peyton Manning because he manages a game so well, and I like Chad Pennington because of his leadership, and I like the competitiveness of Elway.

TipsterHog: What's your most memorable play or game from high school so far?
Alex Mortensen: I'd have to say probably the first varsity TD pass I threw in my 1st start as a sophomore. It was the go ahead TD.

RobinHog: Alex, Are you comfortable running the option?
Alex Mortensen: Yes, actually, we had to run the wishbone in middle school, but I am definitely more of a pocket passer.

TipsterHog: Stats-wise, what is your most impressive game so far?
Alex Mortensen: This past Friday Alex got over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in Landmark's 1st region game.

JDHogg: What do you think about the other other Hog recruits that have committed.
Alex Mortensen: I haven't gotten to meet any of the other commitments, but I look forward to meeting them and setting some goals for where we want to be over the next 4 years.

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