Tuesday Practice Report, 10/2

Jermaine Petty continues to draw Houston Nutt's praise.

After Tuesday's practice, Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt made one thing perfectly clear: Zak Clark is his starting quarterback.

While Ryan Sorahan certainly performed admirably against Alabama (14-of-19), Clark's 17-for-32 effort against Georgia won him another shot at starter.

Sorahan is not happy about this - feeling that he should not lose his starting job because of an injury - but Nutt assesses the situation this way.

"I would be disappointed if Ryan was not upset and wasn't as competitive as he is," Nutt said. "But around here it's about staying healthy right now and Zak is the starter right now."

Nutt hopes to play Clark, Sorahan and freshman Tarvarius Jackson in Saturday's game against Weber State and you'll likely see Matt Jones running a draw or two in addition to his pass patterns.

Arkansas is a heavy favorite in the 6 p.m. battle between the Razorbacks (1-3) and Wildcats (1-3) at Ryenolds Razorback Stadium.

But Nutt won't allow himself to talk about how many people he might be able to play in a blowout over the 1-AA foe.

"The thing about Weber State is that it doesn't matter - any Saturday anybody can beat anybody," Nutt said. "You have got to be prepared every Saturday."

Weber is led by running back Johnnie Gray, whohad a career-high 240 yards in his team's 38-31 win over Sacramento State on Saturday.

"He is very quick and their offense has put some points on the board," Nutt said.

Nutt was not happy with his team's entire practice on Thursday.

"We started out good, but we didn't finish right," Nutt said. "We didn't have the concentration that we needed here toward the end of practice. We have got to get better tommorrow."

The Saturday matchup will feature the worst offense in Division I and the worst defense is Divison I-AA, giving up almost 600 yards per game.

"We want to play one game without a turnover," Nutt said. "We got close to that last Saturday....We're getting better and just have to keep it going."

He had a very good answer for why his team is still ranked last in the NCAA in total offense even had two much better efforts its last two times out.

"You hadn't played a bunch of cupcakes and that is one reason you are still down there at the bottom," Nutt said. "I don't see anybody wanting to play Tennessee's defense, Alabama's and Georgia's and see what happens and add that up to their total offensive production."

On defense, senior middle linebacker Jermaine Petty is moving up the NCAA charts. He is now ninth in th nation in tackles (13.75 per game),No.11 in solo tackles (8.5) and number five in forced fumbles (0.75).

"He's having a good senior year," Nutt said of Petty. "He has been one of our leaders, he has been consistent every Saturday and comes to play and comes to play with a great attitude."

Sophomore defensive back Lawrence Richardson is 13th in pass breeak ups (2.25).

On the injurty front, all quarterbacks and all tailbacks practiced, but defenders Carlos Hall and Corey G. Harris did not.

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