Hoops Update, 10/22

Top group dominates scrimmage work as Arkansas continues to move through basketball practice.

With an off-day planned for tomorrow the Hogs' lack of concentration during the first part of practice seemed to indicate they needed a day off. Coach Stan Heath let them know their day's break was at risk. It worked (at least something did) and for the most part Arkansas tended to its knitting for the rest of practice. By the time they got into their 5-on-5 work the full measure of intensity returned.

During a controlled scrimmage (when a team scores it retains the ball for another possession until the other team gets a stop) what appears to be the Hogs' top six players at this point in the season comprised the White team ... Billy Pharis and Vincent Hunter inside, with four players (Pookie Modica, Eric Ferguson, Ronnie Brewer and Olu Famutimi) rotating through the other three positions. This group took the scrimmage by a 36-7 margin.

Ferguson led the way, with his ball-hawking defense causing repeated turnovers and deflections. The scoring was very balanced. I think all six players got at least two field goals. Then when they went to a full court scrimmage mode the Red team jumped out to a 7-0 lead, sparked by Wen Mukubu.

However, the Whites regrouped and ended up winning by something like 19-13. Throughout the scrimmage, which was hotly contested and no place for the feint of heart, the defense was solid and for the most part ahead of the offense, although the offense did get several nice buckets in their transition game.

One bounce pass feed from Ferguson to a speeding Modica was a thing of beauty. Hunter, who had struggled a bit with one of the drill segments on post defense, once again showed his ability to find the smallest opening down low and position himself for the pass. Overall a mediocre day saved by great intensity during the scrimmaging.

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