Wednesday Practice Report, 10/3

Arkansas was without some key players at practice on Wednesday. Images included in this report.

Arkansas worked extensively on special teams in a two-hour workout that Houston Nutt termed excellent on Wednesday.

Quarterback Ryan Sorahan, defensive end Carlos Hall and outside linebacker Tony Bua all watched the full-pad workout in shorts.

"We ran around and practiced well," Nutt said. "It was an excellent day. We had our assignments down very well. I liked the effort and the excitement the team showed at today's workout."

Asked about Sorahan's availability on Saturday against Weber State, Nutt said, "It doesn't look very good right now. He is still hurting."

Sorahan practiced on Monday and Tuesday, but was worse on Wednesday. He missed last week wtih a deeply bruised lower back.

Nutt said Cedric Cobbs practiced, but is still far from full speed after straining a hamstring 10 days ago.

"We'd really like to get Cedric some plays this week, but we won't unless he's better," Nutt said. "If Dean Weber says he's somewhere above 90 percent, then we'd like to get him out there and knock some of the rust off. But he won't play if he's not better than he is now."

Cobbs practiced, but was unable to cut loose in any full speed drills.

"We gave Kyle Dickerson and De'Arrius Howard some reps, but they won't play," Nutt said. "We will try to get Mark Pierce and DeCori Birmingham some snaps."

Special Teams coach James Shibest said the Hogs worked on technique on kickoffs and kickoff returns Wednesday, making sure that return specialist understand that high kickoffs that barely reach the end zone are downed.

"It's not just if the ball goes deep in the end zone," Nutt said. "The guy at Georgia was hitting some towering kickoffs that they were bringing out from 2 yards deep. Those need to be downed and the return man needs someone to keep him from bringing those kind out."

Nutt said the Hogs pulled several people off the kickoff cover team against Georgia because of injuries, and the replacements did not carry out their assignments.

Wednesday Practice

Ryan Sorahan (in T-shirt) couldn't practice Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

Danny Nutt supervises a ball-handling drill with the offensive backs.

Wednesday Practice

One of the equipment managers tries to get a box into Reynolds Razorback Stadium through security after guards manned all entranes of the stadium on Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

Matt Jones works on his routes Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

Mike Markuson instructs the offensive line on Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

The prefab covering was added to the tower in the SW corner on Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

Here is a tighter shot of the SW tower in Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Photos by Clay Henry




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