State of the Hogs: Ole Miss

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State of the Hogs:

How many undefeated seasons have the Hogs enjoyed in football.


Okay, it's time for a reality check. That was in the SWC. We all admit that the SEC is tougher. Yet, unless we go undefeated, people are ready to jump off a cliff.

We have people bashing coaches, players, writers, other posters and anything else that they can think to bash.

They bash me when the practice reports say they practiced hard. They bash a player that will probably be the school's leading all-time tackler when the season ends.

They say the team has lost them and they won't make any more drives to watch them play.

I know you guys just post what you feel, and you don't feel too good right now. I wonder who's fault that is. I don't think it's the player's fault. I don't think it's the coaches' fault. I guess it's my fault for writing things that get your expectations up too high.

Every game is winnable. Every game is loseable. That's the reality of the SEC.

I'll go back to what my father told me when we went into the SEC. It's like playing Texas every week. You better be prepared to win some games and you sure better be prepared to lose some.

I didn't think this would be an undefeated season ... not even when we were 4-0 and ranked No. 7 in the country.

I haven't picked them to win every game. I've picked the opposition a few times.

We have a good team. We have a good team by SEC standards. Do we have a great team? Nope.

Did I get my hopes up that we might do a little better than I expected? Yes. But my expectations didn't ever change, just my hopes.

This isn't a dream season because this isn't a dream team. We lack a great defense. We lack great defensive linemen.

Do we have the perfect free safety? No. We've got someone giving it everything he's got to try to cover up for defensive line inadequacies. We get crushed up front at times. Guys are runnning through our front seven (or eight) untouched. We don't have Kenny Hamlin anymore (although many of you said he wasn't any good either).

Do we have the perfect quarterback? No. We have a good quarterback. But when he makes an error, we have some who want to humiliate him for not running around on the sideline pumping up his teammates. I haven't seen any other Arkansas quarterback do that of late either. He is what he is, a very good SEC player. Ask any other SEC coach if he would like to have him. The answer would be, in a heartbeat.

I get amused sometimes when I read the posts about what some of you think about this football team. So when I talk to the players it is also amusing when I hear what they think about some of the fans that call in to rip them on the radio or on internet sites.

These guys have worked so hard over the past year. I've seen them in their workouts when you could wring out a gallon of water from their clothes. I've seen them when they can barely walk back to the locker room after another tough practice. I've watched Tracy Rocker work a bunch of over achieving defensive linemen until they could barely walk off the practice field.

Yes, this is gut check time for our team. It should be gut check time for some of the fans, too. Are you going to give up on these guys? I know some of you already have done that and I just can't understand that. I really can't.

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