Arkansas 71, Kentucky 63 (Final, 7OT)

Matt Jones outdueled Jared Lorenzen to help Arkansas snap a three-game losing streak. Arkansas led 21-7 at halftime and seemed to have victory in its clutches when an offside penalty on an incomplete fourth-down pass gave the Wildcats a second chance late in regulation.

In overtime, Kentucky won the toss and elected to play defense first. DeCori Birmingham made 2 on first down. The junior tailback moved the chains with 8 on the next play. He made 3 more on the first down play. Jones found tight end Jared Hicks for 11 to the 1. Fullback Mark Pierce plunged over for the 1-yard TD.

Kentucky tied it thanks to a holding penalty and a pass interference penalty, both on throws into the end zone. Alexis Bwenge scored on a 2-yard run after a pitchout by Jared Lorenzen.

The Wildcats went first in the second overtime. It took them just two plays to get in the end zone. Lorenzen passed to Jeremiah Drobney in the flats for 18 to the 7. Bwenge went up the middle for the final 7.

Arkansas moved the chains for a first down on Matt Jones' start and stop 9-yard run to the UK 9. Birmgingham made 7 to the 2. Birmingham made nothing on a plunge over right tackle. The Hogs called a timeout before the third-and-goal play from the UK 2. Tony Ugoh moved early to cost the Hogs a 5-yard penalty to the UK 7. Jones, back pedaling to draw some time under a fierce rush, fired a bullet to a tightly covered Jason Peters for the 7-yard touchdown to tie it.

The Hogs had to go first in the third OT. They moved to the UK 8, but had to settle for Balseiro's 25-yard field goal when a third down pass was incomplete when the UA receiver was blasted down.

The Wildcats made it to the 2 with four power runs. On third down from the 2-yard line, Rod Johnson was stopped at the 1-yard line to setup a fourth down. The Wildcats decided to kick when they were penaltized for illegal substitution. Taylor Beglety tied it again with a 24-yard field goal.

The 'Cats were first in the fourth OT. Lorenzen found Abney for 11 and 13 to move them to the UA 1-yard line. Lorenzen took two tries to sneak it across. On the two-point play, required starting with the third OT, Abney beat Vickiel Vaughn to the corner and Lorenzen found him with a perfect throw.

The Hogs made to near the 1-yard line on two plays, but were just short of a first down. On second and inches, Jones dropped the snap and was tackled at the 3-yard line. On third down, Jones looked right for Pierce, but found him covered. He turned back to find an open George Wilson, but missed him wide. On fourth down, Jones rolled right and powered over for the 3-yard TD. On the two-point play, Jones fired a strike to Mark Pierce to extend the game.

In overtime number five, Birmingham made 11, then lost 3. Jones kept for 2. On third-and-11, Jones threw to the corner and Wilson went high to haul in the 15-yard TD catch. After a timeout, Jones wanted to go to Jason Peters, flexed to the left. But Peters slipped as he was preparing for his jump and it went incomplete.

On Kentucky's possession, Abney made 2 on a reverse. Lorenzen was hit by Jimmy Beasley, but he somehow found Drogbey for 6. Lorenzen scrambled for 9 to the 5. On third-and-1, Lorenzen powered to the 2. Lorezen waltzed in on second down, finding plenty of room over his right side from the shotgun. On the two-point play, Lorenzen passed incomplete in the back of the end zone.

Kentucky went first in the sixth OT. Lorenzen kept for 11 to the UA 11, faking Jeb Huckeba on an option pitch. Bwenge made 6 to the 5, then 4 to the 1. Lorenzen scored on a sneak. On the two-point play, Lorenzen bought time against the UA's three-man rush, then found Tommy Cook in the back of the end zone.

Jones found Wilson for 16, then rolled left for 7 to the 2. Pierce scored on the next play. On the two-point play (after a timeout), Jones rolled right and fired a strike to Wilson for a leaping catch in the back of the end zone to knot the score again.

In the seventh OT, the Hogs went first. Birmingham went around left end for 25 yards on the second play. On the two-point play, Jones floated a bit before finding Peters for the score.

On Kentucky's possession, Lorenzen found Abney for 13. Bwenge made 3. A reverse went for no gain. Lorenzen made 4 to the 5 on a draw. On fourth and 2, Lorenzen was stopped short on another draw to end the game. Vickiel Vaughn hit him first, the ball popped free and Tony Bua recovered at the 2-yard line.

To open the game in regulation, both teams made a first down on their first play via the pass, but nothing else on the first possession. Kentucky's first possession was thwarted by a holding penalty. Arkansas, with Ryan Sorahan starting at quarterback, had their first try ended on a sack on third-and-9.

When UK punter Anthony Thornton outkicked his coverage with a 52-yarder, Marvin Jackson's 44-yard punt return set up the Hogs' at the UK 49-yard line for their second possession. On the first play, DeCori Birmingham sailed 42 yards over left tackle to the UK 7-yard line. On third down at the 10, the Hogs called the same play, a spring draw, and Birmingham scored on a 10-yard run. Birmingham was hit at the 3-yard line, but reached with a long right arm to put the ball across the goal line. It was 7-0 at 7:57 of the first quarter.

The Hogs went three and out on their next possession when Birmingham lost three on third-and-2. Sorahan had to call a timeout when he went to the sideline to get the third-down play and didn't get the Hogs to the line in time.

The Hogs gave up two first downs, but a chop block stalled the Cats and forced a punt. The Hogs erased 19 of a second-and-20 situation on Birmingham's draw. But Sorahan was sacked on a third-and-1 play when Birmingham, the motion back, was covered. Jacob Skinner's punt was blocked by Andrew Hopewell and recovered for a UK touchdown. It was tied at 0:10 of the first quarter.

Matt Jones entered at quarterback for the Hogs, but even with a no huddle he started with a delay of game. Birmingham made 6 over right tackle to end the first quarter. The Hogs had outgained the Cats, 74 to 51, but were even on the scoreboard. Jones converted third-and-9 with a 9-yard scramble. On third-and-7, Jones took advantage of a nice block by Cedric Cobbs (on his first play) to find George Wilson for a 17-yard strike.

Jones converted third-and-5 with a 5-yard strike to Richard Smith. On third-and-4, he kept out of the shot gun to slice through a crease for an 8-yard burst. Then, after faking to Cobbs, he lobbed a perfect throw down the middle of the field for a 26-yard TD pass to Smith. Jones put the throw just over the fingertips of the safety. It was 14-7 at 8:54. So the Hogs answered a blocked punt for a TD with a magnificent 13-play, 80-yard TD pass.

The Hogs stuffed the Cats, then made got another big play in the kicking game. Thomas Crowder came free from the UK left flank and blocked Thornton's punt at almost the same spot on the field where Skinner's was blocked. Crowder had to go deep in the end zone to recover a spinning ball for the TD. The Hogs led, 21-7, at 6:45 of the second quarter.

The Wildcats, taking advantage of the Hogs' backup linebackers, erased third-and-21 when Jared Lorenzen scrambled left and then found Chris Bernard for a 26-yard pass and run. Lorenzen was spinning around almost sacked on the next play when he flipped a pass sideways to Martin McPherson for 29. Lorenzen rolled around right end for 25 yards to the UA 6-yard line. On first-and-goal, Lorenzen tried to find his fullback at the pylon. Ahmad Carroll went above the lumbering Ronald Johnson for an interception at the 2-yard line.

Jones took the Hogs from their own goal line to the UK 23 before they ran out of time on the first-half clock. With 10 seconds left on a second-and-2 situation, Chris Balseiro hooked a 40-yarder wide left. Jones had converted a third-and-11 with a 19-yard strike to Wilson and kept on a shotgun run for 12 on third-and-1.

The Hogs led at the half by 21-7 on the scoreboard while owning a 228 to 131 advantage in total yards. Birmingham had 97 yards on 17 rushes in the first half. Jones had 42 on five rushes and was 6 of 8 passing for 87 yards on his two possessions.

Arkansas, with the option to start the second half, erased third-and-10 when Jones read the shotgun option perfectly with a give to Birmingham. He made 20 over left tackle. The Hogs lost a chance at a third-and-1 when they broke the huddle with 12 and were penalized 5 yards for a substitution infraction. Birmingham made four yards on third-and-6 to end that possession. Skinner punted over Derek Abney's head into the end zone for a 45-yard boot.

The Wildcats moved to midfield, mostly on Ahmad Carroll's personal foul after a play. But a hold and a sack forced a punt. Carroll was benched for the remainder of that series, but returned for the punt.

The Hogs couldn't do anything with it when Birmingham spiked the ball after a 5-yard loss and the penalty set up an eventual third-and-15. Jones found Wilson for 14, just one foot short of the first down.

The dangerous Derek Abney returned the punt 6 yards to the UK 46. On third-and-7, Lorenzen scrambled away from Caleb Miller and Elliott Harris to find Alexix Bwenge alone on the sideline. Two Hogs fell off of the big tailback on the 51-yard TD pass and run. It was 21-14 at 3:44 of the third quarter.

The Hogs ripped off three first downs before Cobbs fumbled at the end of a first-down run that would have moved the ball 9 to the UK 23. Cobbs appeared to stumble and his right arm swung back just before he lost the ball.

The Wildcats made one first down on a 17-yard pass, but Lorenzen was incomplete three straight times. Thornton boomed the punt 41, but Marvin Jackson beat the gunner and made it to the wall for a 43-yard return to the UK 43.

Jones rambled 19 to the UK 22. On second-and-7, Jones tried a flip to Steven Harris. Harris dropped the pitch, then botched an attempt to pick it up. The Cats recovered it at their 34.

Kentucky converted third-and-1 with a tailback plunge. Then, on fourth-and-1, Lorenzen converted by about two feet on a heavyweight sneak. On second-and-14, the Cats made 21 on tunnel screen. On third-and-4, Bwenge powered off left tackle for 7 to the UA 8. On third-and-goal, Lorenzen was under pressure from Carroll and Arrion Dixon. The ball squirted out of his hands and went out of bounds for an 11-yard loss to the 17-yard line. The Wildcats got on the board with Taylor Begley's 34-yard field goal to cut the lead to 21-17 at 7:11.

Cedric Washington was tripped at the 12 on the kickoff. On third-and-2, Jones found Wilson on the sideline for a short gain (enough for the first down0, but Wilson broke two tackles and turned it into a 56-yard weave to the UK 24. On third-and-6, Jones threw a little behind Jason Peters, and the tight end dropped it. Balseiro converted from 37 yards out for a 24-17 lead with 3:22 left.

The Hogs stopped the Cats on fourth-and-5 when Lorenzen's pass was batted away by Sam Olajubutu, but an offsides penalty gave them another chance. Bwenge made 10 on fourth and inches. Lorenzen hit Chris Bernard against Lawrence Richardson down the sideline for 35 to the 13 with 1:54 left. Lorenzen found Bernard on the middle screen for the final 13 yards to tie it with 1:38 left.

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