Hoops Update, 11/11

Don Oglesby is a regular at basketball practice. Here are his reports from the last two days. You can visit with Don at HI's premium message board, the Insiders.com Board.

The past two days' practices have been very interesting. On Monday, the Hogs worked hard on defense, trying to close the holes in the interior that the Sports Tour team revealed.

On Tuesday, they spent a good deal of time installing a new offensive set and brushing up on three other offensive sets that they have been using. I thought the first 10-minute scrimmage was really interesting. I didn't write down the sides, but I'm pretty sure most of this is right. On one team you had Brewer, Famutimi Modica, Hunter, , Pharis, and Cranford.. On the other team was Ferguson, Sullivan, Blackmon, Davis, Tatum, Jones and Mukubu. I could have one or two of the players misplaced, but I don't think so.

At the end of the scrimmage one team was ahead 32-16. Which team? Wrong. The Ferguson-Sullivan-Blackmon-Davis-Tatum-Jones-Mukubu team cleaned up. Then they each shot 1-and-1 free throws and the Brewer-Modica team made about 8 more, cutting the margin to about 38-28.

At the end of the next 10-minute scrimmage the margin had been trimmed to about 6.

Throughout the scrimmage both teams were really shooting well. In fact at a couple points Coach Stan Heath stopped play to encourage both teams to play better defense. But I thought both teams were moving the ball especially well, leading to the open shots, which were being knocked down.

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