Wednesday Practice Report, 10/10

Arkansas went inside when thunderstorms rolled through the area Wednesday afternoon. There was bad news on the injury front for the backfield.

Part of the deal of having open practices is the fact that there is a gentlemen's agreement that you don't report exact details of any surprises that the Razorback team might have for an upcoming opponent.
That's the case this week as the UA offense is doing a lot of different stuff that Lou Holtz will find interesting come Saturday afternoon.
It is clear that Arkansas is not planning on being conservative against South Carolina. We'll just leave it at that. Of course it still comes down to execution.

As far as the practice itself, the Razorbacks had to practice inside the Walker Pavillion today because of the rain in Fayetteville.
"Thank goodness for the Walker Pavillion," UA head coach Houston Nutt said. "We were still able to get some things done."

Although they certainly weren't able to get as much done as they would outside, it still was a very sharp practice as they appear much more ready to play this week than they did last Saturday against Weber State.

"We got a taste of what winning was like again and I think it has really picked up everybody's spirits and made them come work that much harder in practice this week," notes Razorback senior linebacker Jermaine Petty, a native of South Carolina.

Nutt doesn't like to practice inside because of players like Fred Talley, whose knees suffer on the hard surface.
"I do worry, especially for some guys like Fred Talley and some guys who have had surgery whose knees are pretty tender," Nutt said. "That's why he didn't get but about 50 percent of it today."

South Carolina's defense gives his team a lot to worry about according to Nutt.
"They give you so many different fronts, twists and looks and rocks on defense that you feel like you have a lot to prepare for, which we do," Nutt said. "It comes down to execution and things we have been talking about like penalties and all those things we want to get corrected."

Everybody practiced today except for tailback Brandon Holmes and Nutt sounds worried that he may be out more than just this week
" He is definitely out this week and we won't know until after that," Nutt said. "They did a bone scan and it's not real good. He is in a boot cast right now and I hate it because he was playing really well."

Asked if Holmes' injury could mean he is done for the year, Nutt said it might be, but trainer Dean Weber was optimistic he could get back.

Safety Jimmar Gallon, who has helped on special teams this year, also hurt himself near the end of practice, but it didn't appear too serious

Arkansas plans on practicing outside even if it rains on Thursday.
"We're are probably going to go out there tomorrow and get a little wet because it is supposed to rain Saturday," said Nutt, who noted the rain was very good to his team last year.

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