Thursday Grid Report, 11/20

Arkansas moved on without Jimarr Gallon as preparations continued for MSU.

Arkansas elevated John Jackson to the starting slot at wolf linebacker on Thursday after Houston Nutt suspended starter Jimarr Gallon earlier in the day for a driving while intoxicated charge.

The Hogs also trained Vickiel Vaughn at outside linebacker and defensive coordinator Dave Wommack mentioned that Tony Bua could also play at wolf linebacker if depth was further reduced.

"We are paper thin right now, but we are okay," Wommack said. "We have several different combinations of packages that our starting groups are intact. We have a lot of schemes we were planning with multiple numbers of defensive backs -- corners and safeties -- that are still intact."

Houston Nutt addressed the Gallon suspension after practice, noting that players knew exactly what could happen to another player in trouble after a Sunday meeting.

"It was spelled out A-B-C," Nutt said. "Unfortunately, some don't seem to listen. The meeting ... it was very, very hard. They knew exactly what to expect.

"I hate it, I really hate it. He made a very foolish decision. It put a bad, bad light on the rest of the team, on the ones who do things right. We have 96 percent of the players doing it right, but there won't be three days of stories on them like there will be on this.

"We are disappointed and we had to dismiss him, but we are still going to make it special on Saturday for our seniors.

"We have some great kids. I don't ever see them in my office. I have to go to them to talk to them. They aren't in trouble. But we aren't going to be talking about them in the paper, about what they have been doing in our community and speaking to our elementary schools. I understand that."

As far as Xs and Os, Nutt said the Hogs would try to keep doing what they've been doing as they head to the MSU game.

"We don't want to change defensively," he said. "We've lost some players, but we have some who will step up. I believe that.

"Emotionally, we had some guys who were down today. They felt like they had been kicked in the teeth, but after watching practice I know they have bounced back and they will be ready on Saturday. I saw a good workout today."

Wommack thinks the Hogs have looked at several combinations as far as players in the way they are prepared for the MSU game.

"Desmond Sims knows several spots and so does Caleb Miller," Wommack said. "We can slide them around. We are not to our limit just yet. We'll do what we have to do to get the right combinations in the right sets. We covered a lot this week. We don't need any more injuries. We've got Michael Robinson ready and Clarke Moore is close. My wife said she's ready, too. I don't want to use Michael Robinson or Clarke Moore this week, but in an emergency I might have to grab them and put them out there. I don't know about my wife."

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