Hillis sees Hogs roll

Conway fullback Peyton Hillis talks about big Friday night win after taking in Arkansas' 52-6 win over Mississippi State on Saturday

Conway fullback Peyton Hillis (6-3, 240), regarded as one of the nation's best high school football players, took in Arkansas' 52-6 win over Mississippi State Saturday.

Wearing a Razorback hat, Razorback shirt and Razorback jacket, he was still excited about Friday night's 49-48 overtime win over rival Russellville in the Class AAAAA quarterfinals.

"It was just unbelievable," Hillis said. "It was the best game I have ever been apart of and I just glad we won."

Hillis rushed for 246 yards and four touchdowns in the win after rushing for 384 yards and four touchdowns in the Wampus Cats' 38-28 win over the Cyclones during the regular season.

Conway won the game when it disdained an extra point try - an earlier one was blocked - in overtime and went for two.

Kevin Wardlow converted the two-point conversion barely to give his team the win.

"I think he knew some of our players were hurt and so many of them were having to go both ways that we didn't want to get into a four or five overtime thing," Hillis said. "We just decided to get it out of the way. I think they expected me up the middle and they stacked it up in there and Kevin got it done by inches. I was solidly for it."

Hillis will visit Oklahoma on Dec. 12-14 and is planning on visiting Arkansas, Miami, Tennessee and Nebraska as well.

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