Tuesday Morning Chat with Clay

Here's a edited archive of the chat Clay Henry conducted Tuesday morning.

arkansaspub:: Good morning

Rocket City Hawg:: Clay do you think Bat will have influence over LR (if academic progress allows)

arkansaspub:: Players seldom have influence on others. They tell them to do what they think is right.

DirkPiggler:: More importantly, do you think LR will make enough academic progress for it to even be an issue?

arkansaspub:: LR has a tough family background and has no money. If there is interest from the NFL, he will go.

arkansaspub:: LR seems to be doing well in his classes. he'll have a choice to make, i'm told.

GregHog:: Clay, any truth to the rummors that Nutt and Matt don't get along?

arkansaspub:: I think Matt and Nutt get along okay.

arkansaspub:: The question is do Houston and Steve Jones get along.

arkansaspub:: The answer to that is that Matt's dad and Houston don't get along. Houston was furious that Steve leaked to the media that Matt was hurt.

kbfahog:: if steve is telling Matt to come back... then?

GregHog:: The "don't get along" seems to be the one constant in the rummors. Some say Matt is leaving early, others to play basketball only.,... just wondering with all the "smoke" if there is any fire.

arkansaspub:: Steve told Matt to do what makes him happy. I've posted all I know on the board about the Jones situation.

JJHog:: i can't beleive Matt would leave early--he is not an NFL QB--and unproven at WR/TE---

arkansaspub:: If it doesn't, then we'll see Robert Johnson at QB next year.

arkansaspub:: Matt can do what he wants to do and the team will move on.

JJHog:: Can the HOgs run the ball vs. LSU?

arkansaspub:: Robert Johnson will be a fine SEC quarterback.

rzrbkfan69:: I think we will be able to run

Exec Search:: What's Johnson's arm like?

arkansaspub:: The Hogs will try to run it against LSU. You can count on that. They will have limited success, like everyone else. But they will try to run it.

arkansaspub:: Johnson has a great arm.

arkansaspub:: He's got great feet and he makes good decisions. He's just young.

HOGinBA:: If we are successful throwing, we will be able to run also

Exec Search:: Someone told me he played WR for a while

JJHog:: DO you all think the LSU game will even be close?

DirkPiggler:: I just hope he doesn't freeze under the lights like TJack. Guess that's a risk with any young QB

arkansaspub:: I think the LSU game will be low scoring and close.

lobohog:: LSU by 10

DirkPiggler:: I think we cover the spread

JWRIGHT:: Hogs by 7

DirkPiggler:: but I wouldn't back that up with $$$$

arkansaspub:: Robert Johnson has been at QB all year.

JWRIGHT:: he reminds me of Tee Martin

kbfahog:: is washington a future starter at WR?

Exec Search:: I think he's probably better than TJack was/is, you agree

GregHog:: Hope I am wrong, I think we get killed by LSU.... again, hope I am wrong

arkansaspub:: I don't know if Washington is a starter or not. probably.

allan:: Greg, you picked us 6-6 at the beginng of the year

Exec Search:: Noone has killed us all year. We haven't been blown out all year

GregHog:: Better be better than Tjack

arkansaspub:: Johnson and Jackson are very different. Johnson is much, much faster and a great runner. Johnson is a low 4.4 guy. He is quick, and fast and has an above average arm. johnson's arm is comparable to Sorahan, but not as strong as TJack.

DirkPiggler:: I didn't realize Johnson was that fast

HOGinBA:: I'm more concerned about our D against LSU than our offense

rzrbkfan69:: I like what little I have seen of Johnson

GregHog:: Yep, I sure did.... Thought Texas would kill us, so, I hope I am JUST as right!

arkansaspub:: Johnson has the jets.

Exec Search:: good enough for me when his times come. Hopefully him and Leach can battle it out in a couple of years

mayhog:: Clay, I may be in the minority but I have been pleased with our season, competitive in every game, a winning record and a bowl. What will it take to get the fans to appreciate HDN.

rzrbkfan69:: Clay, is Houston leaning towards playing Sam O.?

arkansaspub:: I worry about stopping the run.

Exec Search:: I'll bet you any amount of money sam plays

JGAGE:: Johnson played WR in the Texas All Star Game because they had that kid that went to TCU from Denton Ryan playing QB, he looked good at WR

GregHog:: If you had told me we would beat Texas and Bama, I would have said, 10-2

arkansaspub:: Don't know if Olajubutu will play or not, but I don't think he'd be working with the second team if you weren't going to use him. I figure someone else will start and then he'll come on at some point.

rzrbkfan69:: I think that Houston made his point by booting Gallon and Sam O. should play

arkansaspub:: Desmond Sims got blocked against MSU. he didn't get over blocks to the point of attack. Can't have that this week.

DirkPiggler:: Don't have any examples to back me up, but it seems like 1 game for first DWI is consistent with what others do

Exec Search:: Houston's paid to win, if I was him I'd sure play Sam

HOGinBA:: We need excellent LB play to stop LSU

JWRIGHT:: whatever Houston does id fine with me..he has all the facts and we don't

arkansaspub:: I'd predict that Butu will play this week. But who knows. They get in the game and they are stopping LSU with Sims isn there, maybe they decide not to play him

Exec Search:: There's probably more to the Gallon deal than we know publicly, that's why he got kicked off

JGAGE:: HoginBA how many screen plays are we going to see Friday

HOGinBA:: I bet we see a bunch. Especially if they work.

HOGinBA:: Skyler scares me to death

rzrbkfan69:: I am concerned with the screen plays. Moreso than LSU running the ball.

JJHog:: LSU is just loaded with talent, they should have killed us last year

kbfahog:: if we need to kick a 3 from 40+ to win the game.. who?

arkansaspub:: If we blitz, we are vulnerable to screens. If we don't blitz, we are vulnerable down the field with their WRs. You play an 8-man front, you are going to blitz some. It's a cat-and-mouse game.

DirkPiggler:: LSU's ground game is average at best

JJHog:: We need to score 35-40 to ine this one, I think

arkansaspub:: The LSU plan is to go with 3 and 4 WRs and then see how you deploy. They'll count the box. if you drop to the WRs, then they run it because they have you out numbered. If you keep enough in the box to stop the run, then they throw it.

JGAGE:: just drop back in a zone and let Mauck beat us, I dont think he can

HOGinBA:: When was the last time we played a good game in baton rouge?

DirkPiggler:: Mauck is average as well, but he makes good decisions for the most part

rzrbkfan69:: We need to get a lead early. I don't like our chances if we have to play catch up even though we have had some success at that.

allan:: last time we played there HoginBA

arkansaspub:: Mauck threw 3 interceptions last week. Their OC got ripped for calling screens last week and they had one intercepted and returned for a TD.

JJHog:: We need to score on the first drive, it usually goes well when that happens

allan:: the OC always gets the blame. just read our board

HOGinBA:: We played a good 4th quarter.

JJHog:: MY LSU friend says they have one more loss in them

rzrbkfan69:: I believe that Ole Miss had a pretty good defensive gameplan against them last week.

arkansaspub:: Let's see if LSU comes out tight. They have a lot riding.

allan:: you gotta think Mauk will be tight after throwing 3INT's vs. Ole Miss

JJHog:: teh pressure is bulding for LSU and thank goodness it is a day game

rzrbkfan69:: I also like the fact that the pressure is all on them. We should play well.

DirkPiggler:: that place will be loud anyway. Loudest stadium I've been to.

HOGinBA:: We should be loose and ready

arkansaspub:: Tony Bua told me the same thing after the game. He said he is glad is not a night game. He said they are all drunk for a night game and it gets crazy.

DirkPiggler:: Much louder than Neyland

Exec Search:: Who was the freshman last year that took the bubble screen the d

JGAGE:: Skyler Green

Exec Search:: Does LSU have a running game?

JGAGE:: fastest player i have ever seen run in pads

arkansaspub:: I've never felt Tiger Stadium was loud. Heck, they always have empty seats for this one. The loudest stadium I've been to is in Gainesville. next is Tennessee. Next is Auburn.

rzrbkfan69:: nations leading punt returner this year also

JJHog:: for some reason I see us playing fine, no pressure on UA, underdog usually wins this one

JWRIGHT:: Sklyer Green, the return machine ground hawg day joined

arkansaspub:: i'd put LSU 4th or 5th.

HOGinBA:: Don't mention that name again Gage kbfahog left

arkansaspub:: Kick away from Green. I think that's what we'll do.

arkansaspub:: We won't have Bat as a gunner.

JGAGE:: i hope im not cussing that name BA

DirkPiggler:: I haven't been to Gainesville or Auburn, but at times Tiger Stadium seemed much louder in '01 than Neyland last year

HOGinBA:: I'm still cussing it from last year

rzrbkfan69:: so will we have Robinson or Mosely at gunner opposite Crowder

arkansaspub:: Both worked there yesterday ... Robinson and Mosley.

allan:: clay, have you noticed the board is much busier after a loss than a win?

ground hawg day:: its always that way

arkansaspub:: I thought board was really busy after Bama and Texas ... same as the losses.

ground hawg day:: all the "fire the coach" fans come out

arkansaspub:: Folks don't get too excited after beating nmsu and msu.

rzrbkfan69:: I am teaching some Ole Miss fans that I work with the Hog fight song. They asked me to.

arkansaspub:: Okay, was I right when I said we'd have a harder time with NMSU than MSU?

ground hawg day:: I bet LSU beats the crap out of us on Friday

SwampHog:: I am trying to get an idea what time we can all eat in thursday

Hogwired21:: So Clay, since we have nothing to lose (going to Indy, anyway) ........ do you think Houston will open it up? Or do you think we will see the same stuff as Auburn game? Last week when OM finally started going vertical they moved the ball.

Exec Search:: Houston seems to tone it down in big games, doubt we see big Shawn running in this one

SwampHog:: Clay is Bat looking OK onthe ankle?

arkansaspub:: Bat will play. His ankle was fine yesterday, but they held him out to rest it. He couldn't cut full speed, but he'll be find by game day. .. You have to try to run the ball. We'll get our QBs killed if you don't at least try to run it. But I think they'll throw it, too. They have a few wrinkles in the plan. That's all I'll say.

DirkPiggler:: a lot of our so called boring offense is perception rather than reality

allan:: we're the #1 offense in the SEC. We need an Off coordinator

DirkPiggler:: mainly because it was so one-dimensional the last couple of years

ground hawg day:: MJ better throw quick...LSU will blitz us all day

arkansaspub:: you throw it all the time and the other team just tees off on your QB and backs up the safeties and then you can't get vertical anyway.

JJHog:: shotgun and the option needed !

ground hawg day:: exactly

HOGinBA:: If we can throw successfully, we'll run all over them

arkansaspub:: I hope like heck LSU blitzes us. We'll kill 'em with the option. The option stopped the blitzing last year and set us up for a big 4th quarter.

JJHog:: another Arkansa Razorback, ,,,first down!

arkansaspub:: The worst thing a defense can do is blitz Matt and then flush him.

arkansaspub:: I worry more about LSU getting to our QB without blitzing. They are that good.

JWRIGHT:: Surely they won't try that Clay

Razorback63:: I am sure that this has already been discussed, but I just read where Batman says he will definitely be back next year, and that leaving early has never really been a consideration. Clay, do you think that is true?

HOGinBA:: Who is lsu defensive coordinator? SwampHog:: Nick Saban

SwampHog:: they have a young guy who carries the title but NIck is the man who calls the plays

arkansaspub:: We'll see. I don't believe anything anyone says about leaving early at this point in the season. It doesn't matter what any of them say. No one says they are leaving early. No one. At least, they don't say it right now. If they say anythying it's that they will be coming back.

JWRIGHT:: Will Muschamp

Razorback63:: That is kind of what I thought as well, but the article sure sounded convincing ground hawg day:: How does LSU's defense compare to Oklahoma's?

Razorback63:: Wally's article said that they voted for the Outland finalist this weekend. Anyone know when it will be announced?

HOGinBA:: It can't be as good as OKs. They are awesome

SwampHog:: muschamp is a great coach, but most down here are convinced he is just a face for a position and saban makes the calls

arkansaspub:: I will say this about LR and Bat, they both really like the coaching they are getting from Bobby Allen. He stays every day after practice to work on any perceived weaknesses. He tailors the after-practice session to fit each player. He said you work on the team plan during practice and take care of individual needs after practice.

ground hawg day:: then we better worry about the blitzes...OU blitzes...flushes the QB..and then has enough speed to get him

ground hawg day:: I think LSU has the same capability

JWRIGHT:: they aren't facing Matt Jones

HOGinBA:: Idon't agree ground hawg.

ground hawg day:: I know they probably havent seen one as fast as MJ but we saw a couple of years ago that a fast defense can get to Matt

JWRIGHT:: please lsu blitz blitz

allan:: have we worked on the option much this week clay?

ground hawg day:: we better have...we will need it

JWRIGHT:: I don't thin k they will blitz

Razorback63:: Batman sure has a great work ethic. I had no idea that he was that devoted to himself and to the team. That is good to hear. It would sure be nice if he and LR would return next year. I think it would definitely improve their draft stock.

arkansaspub:: I don't talk about what we do in practice as far as plays or plans.

ground hawg day:: I disagree Wright...but I could be wrong

allan:: good idea clay

arkansaspub:: 63, I've said that Bat is a good worker and gets after it in all respects from the word go.

Razorback63:: Clay, when will we know if Andrews is a finalist for the Outland??

ground hawg day:: I think LSU will blitz just enough to confuse the crap out of us and cause our passing game to get out of sync.

razorunt:: Funny how everyone used to want to bash Bat

arkansaspub:: i don't know what the deal is on those awards. I've seen stuff, but I get confused over which is what.

ground hawg day:: If our running game can't provide yards on Friday...this could be a BIG loss!!

mtbhawg:: How many hog fans do we usually have at LSU?

arkansaspub:: Heck, i remember folks bashing Brandon Holmes. That was as recent as last year. He got the biggest ovation last week.

HOGinBA:: I'll be there with about 3 thousand others

ground hawg day:: You gotta love Brandon

arkansaspub:: 2,000 Arkansas fans at Red Stick in most years.

ground hawg day:: he did whatever we asked of him

ground hawg day:: and did it well

razorunt:: Just makes you sick at how people judge these kids w/o knowing them personally

mtbhawg:: BH was the ultimate team player

ground hawg day:: The LSU game of two years ago will ALWAYS be the example of the heart of a Razorback player

Razorback63:: I talked with Coach Rocker Sunday, and asked him if he thought that Shawn had a chance for either award. He said that he had a chance, but that this game could win or lose the award for him. He said that since this game is the only game on, and it is nationally televised, that all eyes will be on Shawn. If he can do well against the two stud defensive lineman for LSU, that it might just win him the awards.

Hogwired21:: By opening up ....... I mean using everything. Option, tight end, etc. In other words, playing with a full deck. Yeah, we lead the SEC in offense...... woopee. We are 4-3 in the conference, that is more telling. We didn't use everything against Auburn... we were tight, playing not to lose. If we do that at Red Stick, we will get hammered.

ground hawg day:: Hogwired...what games have you been watching...we have been using everyone

JWRIGHT:: Hogwired for OC

Razorback63:: I guess at times he will go against Spears and Louvalis (Spelling)

arkansaspub:: LSU will move their linemen around to get matchups. Everyone seems to do that. If there best lines up opposite Andrews, then they often move them to Lacy's side. We'll see if LSU does that.

JWRIGHT:: both very good too

arkansaspub:: lavalais will probably line up opposite Doughty.

JGAGE:: im not to worrried about their DE's im worried about Doughty and our Guards

Razorback63:: I would have to think that LSU will put their best defensive linemen against Lacy's side of the ball. I would if I were them.

SwampHog:: Lavalais is a stud, he is so strong and has quickness. He is the one that really scares me on that line

ground hawg day:: The left side of our line has been playing pretty well too...

razorunt:: Clay , haven't got my HI yet, what is your prediction?

arkansaspub:: I picked Arkansas, 14-10.

JWRIGHT:: Hogs 17-10

SwampHog:: I have been to everty LSU home game this year and I can tell all of you this.

JWRIGHT:: a low scoring game

Razorback63:: I think Doughty could have a long day against Lavalais, but we will see. I am sure we will double team him every chance we get.

SwampHog:: We can win this game if we play our game and dont make mistakes

HOGinBA:: Clay, if we win, do we still end up in the Indy Bowl?

ground hawg day:: Our LB's better come up with some kind of game in order for this to be low scoring

razorunt:: Now you really have me excited, I haven't been as optimistic on this game.

arkansaspub:: Lavalais is strong, but his real asset is quickness and athletic ability. You cannot cut him. If you try, he just leaps over you and he's going full speed when he hits the ground. A linemen who can do that is tough to block. Your weapons are reduced.

JWRIGHT:: we need to play our best game

SwampHog:: LSU has not faced a team like us yet

Razorback63:: Everyone has a long day against Lavalais

arkansaspub:: i figure it's Indy no matter what.

ground hawg day:: If our LB's play like they did last week....we are in BIG trouble

JWRIGHT:: they won't

allan:: without stupid penalties and TO's we would be undefeated right now.

arkansaspub:: I figure we'll see Sam and Caleb in there at Lb and Sims at wolf.

ground hawg day:: lets keep that positive attitude Wright

SwampHog:: Clay, any thought on if BUTU will be back??

HOGinBA:: I hate the thaught of playing Missouri

Razorback63:: The only way we dont play in Shreveport is if we beat LSU and OLE PISS wins the SEC championship game. Then we will have a chance

JWRIGHT:: I will

DirkPiggler:: Clay, how much will Clarke Moore play?

arkansaspub:: Butu is back. He practiced with the second team yesterday. Moore isn't ready. Maybe by Friday, but he's rusty right now and out of shape.

arkansaspub:: I figure Clarke can provide someone a breather, but can't play more than 10-15 snaps.

arkansaspub:: Clarke has lost about 15 pounds.

Razorback63:: I think we will definitely see Butu play Friday, and I hope we do.

allan:: can't imagine Moore being ready to play (effectively)

razorunt:: Guys, what's the price of a ticket for the Indy bowl and r they hard to get?

DirkPiggler:: Saturday I told the Indy Bowl reps not to invite us if they bring in Tech. Somehow I doubt they paid too much attention.

SwampHog:: Awesome, we need butu on the field to help with the run. LSU is 4 deep at tailback, all present defferent strangths and all are studs

DirkPiggler:: I'll bet they'll be pretty tough if we're there. The stadium's not all that big

HOGinBA:: I want no part of texas tech

DirkPiggler:: It was a fairly tough ticket in '91

Razorback63:: I dont know the price of a ticket, but good luck getting a hotel room at one of the Casino's. I tried last night for an hour to get a room with no luck

ground hawg day:: TTech is a fun team to watch for sure

allan:: I've got reservations in Indy....hope I have to cancel

JWRIGHT:: rooms are already hard to get

Razorback63:: I dont think we would have too much problem beating Tech

HOGinBA:: I'd rather watch them play someone else

mtbhawg:: the official hotels aren't releasing rooms until Dec 8 at 8:00am according to indy bowl web site

End of Chat

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