Wednesday Grid Report, 12/10

Arkansas began workouts for the trip to play Missouri in the Independence Bowl on Dec. 31 in Shreveport, La., with a one-hour workout on Wednesday.

Arkansas worked inside Walker Pavilion for about an hour, concluding with a lengthy conditioning session that included a series of 100-yard sprints.

The Hogs were close to full speed. Marvin Jackson has a minor muscle problem, but did most of the workout.

"It was good to get back out there today," said Houston Nutt, the UA head coach. "The guys bounced around and gave a good effort.

"We looked at Missouri formations and alignments, kinda some basic stuff. Most of it we have seen during our SEC season. They probably do more sprint outs, more boots and more waggles than most, but we've seen all of it. They do have a wide variety of called plays for the quarterback, a lot of them between the tackles. We haven't seen a lot of that."

The Hogs will lift weights and run on Thursday, then put on full pads for a 10 a.m. Saturday workout which will feature a 50-play scrimmage with redshirts and younger players.

"We'll put the ball down and get after it with the young guys," Nutt said. "They are wanting to get some hitting. They've been asking for it."

The coaching staff was thin with recruiting in full gear. Along with the head coach, staff members present were Roy Wittke and Dave Wommack along with some graduate assistants. The rest of the staff will be present for Saturday's workout.

"We had some fun today," said wideout George Wilson. "The guys were feeling good to be out here after laying around on the couch for a few days. We needed to get out here and play some ball and run around. It gets the juices flowing.

"I think we'll give a good account of ourselves in the bowl game. We left a bad taste after the bowl last year and we don't want that to happen again. The seniors want to put a stamp on their time here with this last game. That was mentioned by several players after the LSU game in that locker room. We've talked about it and that is our purpose. I think you will see a focused team that wants to play well in this game."

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