Wednesday Practice Report, 10/17

Arkansas Coach Houston Nutt suspended tailback Brandon Holmes after practice Wednesday.

Arkansas practiced 90 minutes, before turning things over to the redshirts and walkons for a 30-minute full scrimmage in what was an enthusiastic day from start to finish.

"We had a good day," Houston Nutt said. "Everyone was flying around. I liked the way we worked. And, we gave our young players some time to hit at the end, and they liked that. We'll do that again Thursday."

Nutt announced that tailback Brandon Holmes was suspended from the team indefinitely for a violation of team rules. He was involved in a traffic accident Saturday night after the football game. The accident took place near Conway.

"Brandon will be out indefinitely," Nutt said. "How long? it might be for the season. I've talked to him and after what he told me, he's out."

Nutt said that means Fred Talley and Cedric Cobbs "will have to carry us. They know that and they will do what they can to carry us. I think they are both healthy now. Decori Birmingham will get more snaps in practice and we'll try to get more to De'Arrius Howard. We still want to redshift De'Arrius, but we are getting him ready just in case."

Tarvaris Jackson did not practice in full pads because of a shoulder problem.

"We need Tarvaris back out there, but we will have to get him looked at by a doctor," Nutt said. "That shoulder is bothering him and we are going to be careful with it."

The varsity ran gassers while the younger players scrimmaged to end the workout. Shannon Money, starting left tackle, did not practice because of a sore back. He should return to drills on Sunday. The Hogs will practice again Thursday, with emphasis on a scrimmage for the redshirts and walkons. They will take Friday and Saturday as off days.


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