Tuesday Practice Report, 10/23

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt started Tuesday's practice with some heavy hitting.

Arkansas football team went through a lengthy Tuesday workout, one that went around 2/12 hours in preparation for Saturday's home game with Auburn.

The practice opened with a spirited middle drill that involved some fierce hitting with the whole team gathered around and that spirit prevailed througout the crisp workout.

Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt took his team to near darkness trying to get the team ready for all the formations that the Tigers (5-1) can throw at you.

"Auburn runs about every formation," Nutt said. "No backs, two-backs, three wideouts, four wideouts, f ullhouse. They throw a lot of different things at you. They have a power running game and mix it up with the pass. Auburn has a lot of weapons on offense and a solid kicking game. we had a full practicde trying to hit everything."

Nutt knows Auburn has a defense that is ranked fourth in the SEC..

"They have an excellent defensive front," Nutt said. "DeMarco McNeil has made a lot of plays for them this season on the line and they have a good mix of veteran and young players. They like to run a true eight-man front with a little 4-3 scheme as well. We have not seen that from anyone we have played this year, so it will be a little different for us."

Wideout Richard Smith sat out the practice with muscle spasms in his back, something that allowed Correy Muldrew and Gerald Howard more reps.

But plenty of passes also went to Jason Peters, the former defensive lineman who is now a full-time tight end.

"We can't give him the whole playback right now obviously," Nutt said. "There are a few things he can do to help us. He has good hands and has good mobility for a 300-pounder. His blocking has been very good and he is doing a great job of learning on the run."

True freshman Matt Jones again saw plenty of action at both quarterback and wideout, throwing passes, catching them, keeping the option and pitching the ball.

It would appear he will do more that just run the ball against Auburn, but don't bet on that first pass just yet according to Nutt.

"We thought we would have to add a different element to his game against South Carolina," Nutt said. "But he was very effective running the ball and we didn't' have too. If everybody is executing and doing their job on Saturday, hopefully he will be just as effective for us."

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