Wednesday Practice Report, 10/24

Here is Wednesday's practice report, complete with images of the stadium and a special shot from atop the south end zone looking at the colorful Boston Mountains. I've also included some images of the stadium and the Big Screen TV.

Arkansas worked for close to two hours Wednesday in what Houston Nutt termed "an excellent day" of preparation for Saturday's game with Auburn.

"Our players did a good job with their assignments," Nutt said. "Auburn is very good and they do a lot of things, and we were zeroed in pretty well."

Jason Peters had another solid day at tight end, catching most everything thrown his way. However, its' the big tight end's blocking that excited line coach Mike Markuson.

"There are some plays where he really gives us something in blocking," Markuson said. "He is doing well. We've got some more things we are working on with him and then I think he can really be out there a good number of snaps."

Markuson said Auburn's defensive front has been more multiple than in past seasons.

"It's been a little ala-John Thompson this year," Markusons said. "The last couple of years, they were in a 4-3, but it's a true eight-man front now, with a lot of twists and stunts. It's pretty complex.

"We thought we might have seen some of the same stuff last week against South Carolina, but they stayed the same pretty much through the game. I think when you've got a guy like No. 20 or No. 4 back there at tailback, it discourages some of that stuff. You worry about giving up an 80-yarder.

"I think we will see more multiple looks by Auburn's defense this week."

Defensive coordinator John Thompson said the Hogs were not quite as sharp Wednesday as they had been during the open week and on Tuesday, but he was still encouraged.

"I see some real chemistry developing on both sides of the ball," Thompson said. "We showed them an awful lot today and we did miss an assignment or two, and weren't as good today. But it's still been a good two weeks of practice for our defense."

Running backs coach Danny Nutt called the play of Cedric Cobbs and Fred Talley "exceptional" this week.

"Both of those guys have had good weeks," Nutt said. "I think with Cedric, you saw him today and he was really quick. He was just plain great today. I think he's got it back. We will try to get him a lot more snaps this week. And, Fred Talley is getting healthy. His knee is stronger. You can tell the open week helped him."

The Hogs did not suffer any injuries. Richard Smith was still a bit slowed by a sore back, but he practiced.

Brandon Holmes still has not rejoined the squad after being handed an "indefinite" suspension last week by head coach Houston Nutt. The sophomore tailback was suspended for "breaking team rules" after the victory over South Carolina. Holmes was involved in an accident early Sunday morning near Conway. He told the head coach that he had been drinking alcohol. Holmes is undergoing counseling and also doing community service work.

Wednesday Practice

The Boston Mountains are sprinkled with orange, yellow and red trees.

Wednesday Practice

The SW corner of the south end zone is now complete.

Wednesday Practice

Workers were putting the finishing touches on the bottom of the Big Screen.

Wednesday Practice

My favorite picture of the year: Kenny Sandlin (57) and Shannon Money enjoying a walk to the practice field Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday Practice

The East stands from atop the South End Zone.

Wednesday Practice

The field from atop the South End Zone on Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

Here is another angle of the East Stands on Wednesday.

Wednesday Practice

Some of the trees on campus are in their glorious fall colors. This shot was taken from atop the South End Zone.

Wednesday Practice

The outside of the Big Screen TV has been painted and repainted, then covered with a tan hue. It appears to be done. There are two openings on the underneath that workers were covering on Wednesday.

Photos by Clay Henry


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