Grim Reaper Calls on Drive Time

The White team rolled to a 110-92 victory in the annual Red-White team to vanquish the Drive Time coaches for good. The Sports Rap-coached White team pulled away down the stretch for an even greater margin of victory than last year. The Drive Time coaches will not be asked back next season after losing their second straight game.

Sorry that this has taken so long to post, but we've been out celebrating. Drive Time is dead. They have been vanquished, and will not be involved in the Red-White game any longer after going down for the second straight season.

It was a sweet victory, by an even wider margin than last year. The Sports Rap-coached White team unleashed a furious onslaught in the last 10 minutes to roll to a 110-92 victory in the Red-White game Friday night before 6,854 at Bud Walton Arena.

The highlight came in the final seconds as Brook Dawson, son of SportsRap coach Dudley Dawson, paraded down the sideline in his Grim Reaper costume to stand at attention in front of the Drive Time bench as the lopsided victory concluded. We were a bit worried that Brooks wasn't suited up in his costume in time, so we called a timeout with 25 seconds left with the lead at 21 points. The officials asked if we wanted to sub, and we said, "No, we have some strategy to put in place." To make it look like we had something planned, Coach Henry went to the scorer's table to lift up the trophy for all to see, including Drive Time coaches Marcus Elliott and Brian Prince. Actually, we were just stalling time for Brooks.

"Nice touch, the Grim Reaper entrance," said Red team member Blake Eddins. "That was pretty creative. Congrats to you guys."

Charles Tatum scored 28 points on 6 of 13 shooting on treys to lead the White team. Teddy Gipsop added 24 points and two steals.

Freshman J. J. Sullinger, who scored the hoop that gave the White the lead for good at the 10:38 mark, added 15 points off the bench, with almost all of them coming in the closing minutes as the Sports Rap team pulled away. Sullinger led all rebounders with 11, including six on the offensive glass. The Sports Rap team led in rebounding, 51-39.

"It was J. J.'s game down the stretch," said Chuck Barrett, coach of the winning team. "He was awesome with the game on the line."

Nolan Richardson, while applauding the coaching of the winning White team, thought Sullinger played well in the clutch, as did Gipson.

"Down the stretch, those two guys played very well," Richardson said. "There were a lot of great performances tonight, but I thought J. J. showed that he doesn't really play like a freshman. He is someone who plays very well in game situations."

Satchell got in early foul trouble ... five fouls before halftime and was not a factor. He actually had five fouls in 12 minutes of first--half action. I would have to say that Satchell was not the factor that some predicted.

The rules didn't disqualify anyone for five fouls. After his fifth, he had to sit out two minutes, and then could return to the game. He didn't foul again in the second half and didn't have to exit in the second half. But, he wasn't the force in the second half, possibly because he was trying to eliminate the fouls.

Gomez was a work horse early, but didn't cash all of his opportunities. He missed a lot of second-chance points in the first half or it could have been a romp in the first half.

T. J. Cleveland had only nine points, but he added six assists and four steals. And, it was superb defense by Cleveland, Gipson and Tatum against the Red guards that might have been the difference in the game.

Jannero Pargo and Brandon Dean, the Red team hosses, combined to make just 13 of 33 shots from the field and 6 of 17 on 3-point attempts.

The SportsRap-coached White team won by 17 points last year, after leading by as many as 40 in the second half. It was nip-and-tuck for most of the game, before the White squad pulled away down the stretch in the second meeting.

Richardson indicated before the game that if the Sports Rap team won the second meeting, that he would bring in new coaches next year to match wits with the Sports Rap coaches. Drive Time could have forced a rubber match next year with a victory on Friday night.

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