Tuesday Practice Report, 10/30

Arkansas sophomore tailback Brandon Holmes returned to practice Tuesday. It's still up in the air whether or not he will make the trip to Ole Miss this weekend.

The biggest news item in Tuesday's University of Arkansas football practice was the return of sophomore tailback Brandon Holmes.
Holmes had missed three weeks of practice, first with an injury and then a couple after being suspended indefinitely .
He didn't do much, but it still was news that he was out there.
"I talked to Roger Hunter and a few of the counselors about the things that he had done and I always like it when they are out here," UA head coach Houston Nutt said. " because of that structure and that's three hours that I know exactly where he is during practice.
"It was good to have him out here although he didn't do too much. Just some fundamentals."
Asked if plans were to have Holmes back into action this week or any this season, Nutt hedged.
"He probably won't play this week," said Nutt , who noted he wouldn't even make a decision about whether Holmes travels to Ole Miss (6-1, 3-1) until Thursday.
Arkansas worked long on Tuesday, long enough to have it turn dark on the practice field and the Razorbacks being forced to move into the stadium and turn on the lights as daylight savings time came into the situation for the first time.
"This was the first time for us to practice under the lights," Nutt said. "It kind of messes up your routine. We're creatures of habit and we've got to do a little bit better job of finishing off tomorrow."
The Razorbacks are trying to prepare for Ole Miss quarteback Eli Manning, who has thrown 17 touchdown passes and just two interceptions.
"That is the hardest thing there is, to have a veteran quarterback like Manning and then try to simulate everything he does," Nutt said. "Pressure doesn't bother him, blitzes don't bother him, he is very cool under the pressure."
As far as Arkansas offense, it continued to work on the Zak Clark passing package and the Matt Jones mid-liner option package.
The Razorbacks jope that will be successful against an Ole Miss defense that has given up next to last in the league in russ defense, but been stingy through the air. with the conference's top pass defense.
"They are multiple, yet each weekend there is a little new wrinkle, a little bit something different and we will have to find that out when we get there," Nutt said. "You have an idea. You know they are going to be bringing a lot of people and they are going to try and create problems at the line of scrimmage, moving linebackers in and out, trying to mess your rules and confuse your lineman.
"They are not as big as Auburn or Tennessee, but they are playing hard and playing with a lot of confidence."
Arkansas (4-3, 2-3) will meet Ole Miss Saturday night at Oxford in a 6 p.m. game that will be televised by ESPN2.
The Razorbacks have won three games in a row and the Rebels five straight, amking them the two hottest teams in the league.
"We just want to keep it going," Nutt said.

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