Hargrow Joins UA Cagers

Mo Hargrow worked out with the UA cage team on Wednesday. When he plays in his first game is still up in the air, but he's enrolled in school in the Ozarks.

Maurice "Mo" Hargrow is enrolled at Arkansas, but when he'll play basketball is still a bit up in the air.

Hargrow will have to sit out the rest of this semester and the first semester of next season, but could play in mid December of next season when the first semester ends at Arkansas. However, he might wait until the following season to complete his final year of eligibility and use all of next season as a redshirt.

"I just don't know right now," Hargrow said Wednesday after completing his first workout with the Razorbacks. "I'm leaning on playing next year, but I'm still thinking about it. I need to look at everything and just see what fits best."

It could be that if he waits until the following year to play, he could be on scholarship. But even that is up in the air.

"It may be like Billy Pharis in that he has to be a walkon because of our conference rules," said Arkansas coach Stan Heath. "We are still looking into the exact situation and how it fits Mo Hargrow. It may be that because he sits out for a full year and has another one left and came in before the end of his junior year that he can get a scholarship. We just don't know yet. It may be cheaper on him if he goes ahead and plays the second half of next season."

Hargrow said, "I'll see what is best for me as to when I play, and what is also best for my new team. That will play a factor, too."

Hargrow said his first workout with the Hogs was "confusing," but noted that was what he expected.

"I figured it would be that way," Hargrow said. "I figure it will be like that for the first week and a half. I just knew it would take a while to see what it is like in Razorbackland and then I'll go from there."

One thing that made it easier was the snow that fell in the Ozarks earlier this week.

"That made me feel at home," he said.

It was obvious that Hargrow came ready to stay at Arkansas when he arrived Sunday for his visit.

"I brought plenty of clothes," he said. "I brought as much as the airline would allow. I knew that if I liked it, I was staying. I figured it was a 50-50 thing. But I knew that if I liked it, I was just going to stay."

He noted that his mother would send the rest of his clothes soon since "that's what mothers are for."

Apparently, his mother played a role in Hargrow's transfer to Arkansas. She liked what she remembered of UA assistant coach Ronny Thompson from when he recruited her son three years ago for Georgetown.

"There was a good relationship there," Hargrow said. "My mom thought a lot of Coach Thompson."

And his mother did some checking on Heath since one of Hargrow's former AAU teammates, Alan Anderson, was recruited by Heath to Michigan State.

"My mom called Alan's mom and she had good things to say about Coach Heath," Hargrow said.

Heath did some quick checking on Hargrow, too, and loved the feedback.

"I called Tom Izzo at Michigan State," Heath said. "I called several others, too. They all said the same thing -- he's very solid high major player. They said he can help your team. He can help any team.

"It was obvious that he had done some homework. He had researched our situation and he obviously had a strong relationship with Ronny Thompson. He felt comfortable."

Heath said from the research he did, Hargrow is a versatile player who can play several spots. He called him a combo guard and said he could play the point or the shooting guard slot.

"I've seen no film, but I know from what I've been told that he is a strong defensive player and has a lot of toughness," Heath said. "He has a lot of leadership traits and I like that about his game."

Told his new coach knew about his love for defense, Hargrow smiled.

"I guess that reputation followed me down here," said Hargrow, who has "assassin" tattoed on his left forearm. "I always guarded the other team's best player."

Hargrow played mostly the point guard slot in practice Wednesday. He didn't take many shots, concentrating on setting up his new teammates. So far, so good, he said afterwards.

"The guys have really embraced me, taking me places and showing me a lot of love," he said. "They've been good to me. They know I'm a long way from home."

However, he wasn't used to such long workouts. Wednesday's drill was almost three hours, although it contained a lot of teaching segments and wasn't a physically taxing day.

"I don't think we ever went this long at Minnesota," he said.

Asked how he would describe his game, Hargrow decided to let it slide.

"I don't want to talk about myself," he said. "I'll let my game speak for itself. I think I'll let my versatility speak for itself."

Hargrow also refused to discuss his reasons for quitting at Minnesota.

"Let's just say I needed a fresh start," he said, downplaying the Gophers' winless start in Big Ten play.

"That wasn't it, and you'd have to say I played a part in that, too," he said. "Sometimes a change is what is best for everyone. I left on good terms there. I have nothing to say bad about anyone. It was a tough decision. I'll say that."

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