Thursday Practice Report, 11/1

Arkansas wrapped up its on-campus workouts Thursday with a 90-minute session that was closed to the media and the public.

Quarterback coach David Lee thinks the Arkansas football team has put in another solid week of practice. Lee was excited as he left the field Thursday night as the Hogs began to load their equipment truck for the trip to Ole Miss this weekend.

"Zak Clark had another great week, and so did Matt Jones," Lee said. "They keep getting better and better. I'd say Ryan Sorahan keeps improving, too. He's worked so hard."

The Hogs closed the team portion of their workout for the second straight day, although they did allow the media to watch the special teams work on the practice field.

"We had a very good day recognizing what Ole Miss does with their offense," said Bobby Allen, the defensive line coach. "They have a solid passing game, and everyone talks about Eli Manning. He's outstanding. But, Ole Miss can run it. Joe Gunn has been a good running back for a number of years in this league."

Lee added, "What you have to say about this game, and it goes for both sides of the ball for both teams, is that the teams are going to play extremely hard. I think we play hard, and it looks like on film that Ole Miss plays really hard, too. It could be a real dogfight.

"We tried to look at a lot of different things from the Ole Miss defense today for both of our packages ... for Zak and for Matt. Their defensive coordinator has a history of adding fronts each week. They are very multiple. So we showed them a few things.

"This game will be about making adjustments when we get into the game. It will be for them because of the way we set up on defense, and it will be for us because they are a lot like that ... adding things that you have to account for after the game begins."

Arkansas nose guard Curt Davis has been prophetic the last two Thursdays, coming close to predicting a Razorback victory over South Carolina and Auburn. He said he liked the Hogs chances again this week, but he hedged a little on predicting a victory.

"Let me just say that Ole Miss is very good, better than the last two teams we saw," Davis said. "I'm impressed with what I've seen of the Ole Miss offense on film. But, I think we will play well.

"We had a great practice today. It was a lot of fun. I liked what I saw of this team. We've come together as a family and the chemistry is excellent. I'd be stunned if we didn't play really hard this week. We want this game."

Lee said Sorahan's velocity has improved since his time off for a back bruise.

"During the time that Ryan was out with the injury, we talked about his throwing motion, and he's changed it," Lee said. "It's added some velocity since he's come back. He's more over the top and he has more strength with that motion. I'd say Ryan has done well. He is ready to help us. But, he's not getting much of a chance unless we get someone hurt."

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