Commentary: Forget ASU

This is a commentary by Clay Henry, Publisher at

I'm sorry, but I just don't expend a lot of engery thinking or worrying about Arkansas State.

Some have written recently that if Arkansas wanted to help a member of the Sun Belt Conference, it should have been Arkansas State, not Louisiana-Monroe. The Hogs just signed a long-term contract to play ULM with some of the games counting as home games for the Monroe, La., school.

I really don't think I want to do anything to help ASU. Ever.

What I do know is that many of ASU's fans spend a lot of energy trying to hurt the UA. They have hate in their hearts. That is enough of a reason to ignore them. Not all are like that, but I have dealt with a good many that are exactly like that.

But there is much more to this situation than just the anger that ASU feels towards the UA.

What I don't understand is the logic that UA owes them anything. It does not. If it owes Arkansas State, then it owes UCA, Arkansas Tech, Henderson and all of the rest of the small schools in our state. The only difference between ASU and those others is that ASU spends a lot more of our tax money trying to be something it is not.

There are some good people at ASU. There are some that I really like and enjoy. Then there are some others that make it tough for me to want anything good to happen there. They are caught up in bitterness and hatred.

Why do they want to play the UA? To tear it down out of jealousy.

Arkansas is a state with limited resources and limited support. Through history, the policy of not playing Arkansas State was smart in many ways. There was no good that could come from it for Arkansas. All it would do would be to split that support and ultimately cause problems for Arkansas.

I've read comments from recruits lately about why they picked the Hogs. Most of them said, "It's a one-school state, with all support to the Razorbacks and no competition anywhere else. I know it's like no other state in the south in that there is only one Division I school. That's what I liked the most."

Now why would anyone at Arkanas set out to try to make it anything else?

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