Thursday Grid Report, 3/25

Arkansas completed its fourth workout of spring football drills with a bounce in the team's step.

Arkansas worked in full pads for over 90 minutes in preparation for the spring's first major scrimmage, set for Friday.

Nutt said the Hogs' "bounced around" and were enthusiastic in Thursday's workout which came on the first day of the annual high school coaches' clinic.

Nutt was asked afterwards when quarterback Matt Jones would join the team. The head coach replied that it could be as soon as Friday.

"When we talked on Monday morning, that's when he said he'd be back," Nutt said. "He had a lab he wanted to attend today and I assume he will be back on Friday."

Asked if he had a commitment to play next season from Jones, Nutt said he didn't.

"That's never come up," Nutt said. "When he went to basketball he said he would play (football) next season. I've just assumed he would."

Concerning Thursday's workout, Nutt said the Hogs played faster than in Monday and Tuesday's workouts.

"We got some things corrected and we moved around better," Nutt said. "I like the way this team is bouncing around. We are making improvement. I'm not saying we are there yet, and everyone knows I'm not. But we are getting better.

"After looking at the film from Tuesday, I feel better than I did when I left the field. That's usually the way it is. I saw some good things from our young offensive line. They got a hat on a hat. I'm not saying they finished every block, but they were on the right guys. Our defensive front with guys like Jeb Huckeba, Jeremy Harrell, Keith Jackson and Elliott Harris did some good things. You can see a glimpse here and there.

One of the places that is starting to come together is the secondary, although both Nutt and secondary coach Bobby Allen know much improvement still needs to happen there.

"Our guys back there are so inexperienced that you know they need a lot more work," Nutt said. "But you see guys like Vickiel Vaughn, Lerinezo Robinson, Kevin Woods, Chris Houston and Michael Coe starting to make plays. I liked what I saw in John Johnson at cornerback."

Allen praised Johnson, the converted tailback, too.

"You love his burst," Allen said. "He is picking it up and has bought in. I think he's going to be able to do it at corner. He's a little bowlegged, but that will work at corner.

"We've made progress so far. We've kept Robinson and Vaughn at the safeties to give us some stability and make sure we get lined up right. We may move Robinson to corner next week. Kevin Woods showed me today he could recognize formations and get us in the proper alignments. Missing an alignment will get you beat at this level quicker than lack of ability. He's seeing the keys and making the proper progressions."

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