'Big Al' Still Undecided

Dudley E. Dawson spent the weekend at the Kingwood Classic AAU tournament in the Houston area. Here are some University of basketball notes that he ran across.


I'm told by some sources near and far that Arkansas hoops signee Al Jefferson is still very confused about what he is going to do and thus nothing has been decided.

He would love to jump to the NBA, but the fact that he is not projected to go in the lottery is a concern because that has been his focus all along.

I'd be surprised if this announcement on TV next week that is getting so much attention in internet land is anything more than you guys have known since the day before the McDonald's game.

I expect he will officially put his name in the draft and not sign with an agent and things will play out.

It appears he can go to the NBA pre-draft camp June 8-11 without it costing him eligibility so this thing could indeed last right up until June 17th, the date he would have to pull out.

Al could work out for teams and try to move up, but would have to pay his own expenses.

This makes sense why two of my sources have diametrically opposed ideas about what is going to happen.

One other thing on Al - the quote about how they want me to go to school for a year was referring to fans on the internet, not the Arkansas coaches.

Albeit they would of course love for him to do so.

He is reading stuff it's clear.

It's intriuging how things get momentum(with fans) one way or the other on simple things.

* * *

There is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that UA assistant Ronny Thompson will leave Arkansas to join his brother's staff at Georgetown.

Of course, the other half of that rumor is that he would take Razorback signee Darian Townes with him.

Consider that rumor sqaushed.

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