Commentary: Le Swine Opine

Here is a weekly commentary from Insider Board regular Born. He has some thoughts on a tasteless post from a rival school.

Le Swine Opine


Who would have thunk it… a poster on an Internet message board going too far. Right.

However, upon further review, that may indeed be the case.

For those who missed it, a poster named Jocko on (the Tigers Lair message board home) flamed the Hogs. Ok, no big deal. The usual pre-game greetings between fans in the SEC on the ‘Net. However, it was the type of flame that went way beyond the pale, and without any cuss words in it.

Jocko's post asked how was the Brandon Burlsworth School of Driving doing in NW Arkansas. When called on it by Hawg fans posting to the Lair, he asked further if Brandon Burlsworth and Steve Little were such good examples for drivers to follow (paraphrased).

Way out of line.

Even the Tiger lair admins saw this, and removed the offending thread.

The specific example aside, way too often fans see the ‘Net as their chance to be the unknown assassins. Relishing in the anonymity of poster nicknames, they can post just about anything they want to. However, therein lies the problem.

It is not just fans reading the ‘Net. Coaches, players, recruits, parents of coaches/players/recruits, children, NCAA officials, etc all read the various Internet boards. At any one time on any SEC board on the ‘Net, you will have at least 6 recruits or players reading it, at least SEC official (in the form of a member of any of the SEC athletic departments), and more often than not a roaming member of the NCAA. Of course fellow SEC fans are there.

So, the next time you get that urge to really cross the line of decency ad let some yokel from Red Stick, Toomer's Corner or Starkvegas have it, remember that you are representing the school just as players are. A post that offends a recruit, a player, or a parent/coach has the potential to do just as much harm to a program as any 19 yr old who drinks and drives, or simply drives recklessly.


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