Wednesday Practice Report

Here's the practice report as the Hogs wrapped up their work for the LSU shootout. There was good news for the Hogs.

Arkansas concluded its final regular-season practice on campus Wednesday just like those of the past month, in grand style.

"We got in a good Thursday practice," said Arkansas coach Houston Nutt. "Our players had a good mental day. We worked on special teams, and special situations like the two-minute drill and all kicking situations. They know their assignments.

"We are still getting better. I've never had a team improve like this one has and they are still improving every day. They are fun to coach."

Marvin Jackson got in a little bit of work despite a sore ankle that had him limping slightly. Nutt said he'd call Jackson questionable, but admitted that with 48 hours left there is still a chance Jackson could play Friday against LSU.

Defensive coordinator John Thompson said the Hogs were sharp on that side of the ball.

"We've got a tough assignment," Thompson said. "LSU is playing very well. They can do a little bit of everything. Josh Reed is tough to cover. They put him in the slot, keep him off the line and then move him. They make it tough to put someone on him man-to-man."

When the Hogs can, they'll send Lawrence Richardson after Reed, the SEC's top wide receiver.

"But, everyone will get their share of covering Reed," Thompson said. "It'll take everyone to cover him. But, Lawrence will get him at least half the time."

The Hogs have several Louisiana natives and all are excited about playing at LSU. None are as pumped as Tony Bua, a native of River Ridge, in the southern part of the state.

"I wanted to go to LSU, and they offered me, but it was too late," he said. "I had made up my mind to play at Arkansas. I want to beat this team."

Arkansas quarterback coach David Lee was impressed with the mental preparation this week.

"It's a short week, so you worry about getting everything in, but we've had a good week," Lee said. "I am amazed at Matt Jones. He just keeps getting better.

"I've never had a player improve the way Matt Jones has these past few weeks, but I've never had a player with as much ability as Matt. He has more potential than any player I've coached. He did some great things in practice today, just amazing. He made some great throws today."

Jones sprinted off the field about midway though practice, startling some observers, including athletic director Frank Broyles. Jones went to the locker room for a pit stop, then sprinted back.

"I'm okay, just had to go to the bath room," Jones laughed as he passed the same observers that he'd startled just seconds before.


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