SEC Coaches Teleconference

Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee - "Obviously this is a very exciting time for us. I am proud of our football team for having a chance to be in the position to have an opportunity to play for the SEC Championship.

It will be a real challenge for us and one I think we are ready for. Florida has great receivers and also has a good defense. This game is as big of a game as any we have played this season. The way this season has played out and with both teams playing as well as they have, makes it a very climatic type of setting. It's great our team has played themselves into this position. We are going to have to try and disrupt the Florida passing game. Florida has always had good offenses in the past, but their wide receivers and the timing passes, along with the accuracy of the throws makes their offense very good this year."

Nick Saban, LSU - "I was proud of the ways our kids competed against Arkansas. That was a good learning experience and showed the character of our team. Auburn has an outstanding football team. Their capabilities of being able to run and throw the ball present challenges for defenses that face them. I couldn't be more pleased with the way our offense team has performed. The offensive line has done a great job and we have a lot of players playing well. That has carried us for the most part because we have been able to put some points on the board and our defense has also been playing pretty good. We have opportunity that we wouldn't of had if our players just decided to cash the season in earlier this year. I am really proud of our team for hanging in there and now we are playing for a division title and a chance to play in the SEC Championship game. We just have to keep focus on what is important to us and not what is going on all around us."

Guy Morriss, Kentucky - "We're coming off an open week and our kids are in a great frame of mind. This is a makeup game and a game we would like to win and need to win. We've progressed since the original date of this game. I think our kids are adapting to the style of offense we want them to run. (Antwoin) Randle-El is a tremendous athlete and, I feel should have played quarterback the entire year."

Steve Spurrier, Florida - "Everyone is excited for a big ballgame coming to the Swamp here. The Eastern Division will be on the line and a chance to play for the SEC Championship. It should be a great game and we are lookingforward to it. Now that we are playing this game later than its normal date, there are a lot more things on the line. Sometimes, in games of this manner, teams can get uptight. I don't think that's going to happen to us or to Tennessee. Coach Fulmer does a good job of getting his team prepared for these type of games. It is going to be a heck of a football game. This is one of the biggest games ever to be played in Gainesville."

Mark Richt, Georgia - "This will be the last game for our seniors and we are playing it now because of the tragedy that happened. The focus will be on the seniors. We want them to play the best they have ever played and we want their teammates to play hard for them. The play of Ron Haynes has been simply amazing. We felt we had a heck of a fullback in the spring but he was a little banged up so we didn't see his potential. He did alright then, but the way he has evolved has been great."

Dennis Franchione, Alabama - "Southern Miss is certainly a fine football team and probably will be ranked come the end of the season. They have a senior quarterback in Jeff Kelly who has been productive this season and make very few mistakes and they also have a great defense. They always have played Alabama tough and we are expecting nothing less this weekend. The last two games we've played well and been able to pull out the win. Early in the year, Tyler (Watts) grasped the offense much quicker the (Andrew) Zow. Andrew continued to work hard and improve and our offense has responded. We've been a good offensive team throughout the year and what shortcomings we may have had was certainly not Tyler's fault."

Jackie Sherrill, Mississippi State - "For the first time this season, we will probably have more people back on the field. We will still have four players who will not be able to play, but we will have several key returning players for the BYU game. I don't think anyone has been able to stop the BYU offense. They are very talented all around, but they really have going for them are the front lines on both sides of the ball. You have to take it in the right text, but they are nasty now. They'll slap you in a minute. Something that also stands out is they have kids that are 25, 26 and 27 years old and we don't have a kid who is over the age of 22. Their players are more mature and it shows on the field. This will be our last home game for the seniors and that is what we will use for motivation. Kevin (Fant) made all the checks last week against Ole Miss which was a difference than what he has done in the past. He is a very tough individual and he can throw the ball any way he can to complete the pass. He's also not afraid to take a hit and a hit will not deter him from making the same throw next time around."

Woody Widenhofer, Vanderbilt - "We are looking forward to going down to Oxford. A couple of years ago, we went down there and pulled out an overtime win. I know the atmosphere is not very good down there. Ole Miss was 6-1 at one point and now they are basically in a must win situation to make a bowl bid. We have had a disastrous season and it will be a big game for us. It is the seniors last game and we would love to give them a going away present. For the next coach here, it will take a lot of help from the administration to create a winning program. (Vanderbilt President) Gordon Gee is committed to bringing winning football to Vanderbilt and the new coach should have no trouble getting that support from the administration that the football program really needs. I have no regrets coming here, the only regret I have is I didn't get the job done."

David Cutcliffe, Mississippi - "We are trying to do a number of things. We need to get healthier and get better. The squad has a good attitude and they are looking forward to the opportunity to compete again. I haven't really given much thought about going to a bowl game this season. I can tell you I feel we are certainly a bowl worthy team, but sometimes being bowl worthy is not good enough to get you in to a bowl game."

Tommy Tuberville, Auburn - "We are going to give Jason Campbell the opportunity to start this Saturday. He has done well in practice and he gives us a little more mobility back there. I don't think there are a lot of differences in our two quarterbacks. They are both close in height, speed, mobility and throwing strength. We are playing for the Championship Saturday and I think it is important to let our team and fans know who will be starting early in the week."

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