Chris Douglas-Roberts Regains Star Status

Arkansas remains in the hunt for Michigan prep star Chris Douglas-Roberts, a 6-5, 180-pound guard who is on display this week at the Nike All-America Camp in Indianapolis.

As one of the premier guards in the class of 2005, Michigan's Chris Douglas-Roberts is not used to having a bad week of basketball.

But that's what the 6-5, 180-pound combo guard classified last week's effort at the USA Basketball Development Camp in Colorado Springs, a place where he averaged just 5.4 points per game in around 15 minutes of action.

"It was a bad experience, but I learned from it," Douglas-Roberts said. "You just start all over and get things straight."

That's what Douglas-Roberts has done this week at the Nike All-America Camp, a place he has returned to the form that helped him average 32 points per game for Cass Technical High School in Detroit during the 2003-2004 prep season.

"It's all behind me now." Douglas-Roberts said. "I've gotten back straight and playing well and I am just going to chalk it up to a bad week. I'm starting all over."

Douglas-Roberts, whose distinctive last name comes from wanting to honor the names of both dad Chris Douglas and Judy Roberts, is certainly one of the nation's top players.

He is rated as the nation's third-best point guard in the 2005 class and the No. 19 player overall in The Insiders rankings.

"I am really focused on trying to get as good as I can get and get ranked as high as I can," Douglas-Roberts said. "I would really like to be in the top 10, top seven. Once I do that, all the options will be on the table."

There are certainly plenty of offers on the table right now with Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Florida, Duke, Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, UConn, Arizona, Illinois, Marquette, Maryland and Miami - and that's not all.

"I just really haven't begun narrowing them down yet although it is something I am going to do one this month is over," Douglas-Roberts said. "I am wide open."

One of the number one factors in his decision will be a family atmosphere according to Douglas-Roberts.

"Hey, my AAU team is even called The Family so you know that's important to me," Douglas-Roberts said. "I am going to be living them for three or four years so I have to be comfortable with the coaches and the players and all of that.

"Everybody wants to play," Douglas-Roberts continued. "I'm no different so I will be sitting down to look over all the situations as far as playing time that would be there for me."

Even though he is considered one of the top point guards in the country, there are schools trying to convince him he could fit in with their existing point guard.

"Some of them think I would be their point guard, others the two and some even think I would be better on the wing," Douglas-Roberts said. "It really doesn't matter to me as long as I am out there playing and helping my team win."

Douglas-Roberts said that Arkansas assistant coach Orande Taliaferro has done a very good job selling the Razorbacks and they are a "very legitimate" option.

"They call me a lot," Douglas-Roberts said. "I have a very good relationship with Coach Taliaferro. They say that want a tall guard that can come push it, go rebound and be ready to play right away. They have told me I am like (Ronnie) Brewer a lot. They let him get the ball, push it, run the offense from any spot. I am looking forward to seeing him play and I am looking forward to making a trip to Arkansas to see what it is like."

Douglas is happiest with his passing skills, but feels like he is an all-around player.

"I think I don't make bad decisions and I make players around me better," Douglas-Roberts said. "Whatever I have to do for the team and coach I play for to make us win, I will get it done whether it is scoring, passing the ball or rebounding and playing defense. I just want to win. That's the most important thing."

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