Impressive Cromwell Taking Notes

Memphis prep power forward RouSean Cromwell (6-10, 212), not able to play at the Nike All-America Camp due to injury, is one of the most impressive student-athletes on this summer's AAU circuit.

INDIANAPOLIS - There will quite a few prospects who will take wonderful memories of their time on the court home with them when the Nike All-America Camp closes up shop tonight.

But likely there is just one young man will take home a notebook full of things he has jotted down while watching others get it done on the basketball courts of the National Institute of Sports and Fitness on the campus of IUPUI.

That would be 6-10, 212-pound power forward RouSean Cromwell, the personable and c charismatic Memphis Fairley star who has been unable to participate in games this week because of a foot injury suffered last month.

"I could have just stayed at home, but I thought why not come and take in everything else the camp has to offer," Cromwell said. "See this notebook here? Not only is it full of things i have learned from the classes they put us through, but also with things that I have put in there while watching the other players play.

"I would like to think I am constantly developing my game," Cromwell added, "and I am going to go back and try to incorporate some of this stuff that I have learned from 200 of the nation's best high school players into my game."

Cromwell is the epitome of a student-athlete, boasting a nearly 4.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale that is boosted because of taking so many honors classes and is quick to tell you that he has won the award for the top grade point average of a Fairley athlete the last three years.

He is also a very polite young man that averaged 13 points, 12 rebounds and 7 blocks last season and is very proud of the fact that he took at least one charge in every game.

"I want to be known as a great basketball player, but I want to be known more as a great student and a great person even more than that," Cromwell said. "I say that because if the ball quits bouncing for me one day, I don't want my world to come crashing down on me. I want to have a platform for success that will allow me to achieve my goals."

Stanford is one of many schools that identified Cromwell as a target early on and is a school that he is still giving great thought. He will have to improve on his ACT, which was a 19 his first attempt.

"I have no doubts that I will have that thing in the high 20s the next time I take it," Cromwell said. "I don't see that as a problem for me if I decide Stanford is the place."

But there's also schools such as Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida State, UConn, Miami, Illinois and UALR on the list of Cromwell, who wants to have a double major of technology and psychology.

"It would be accurate to report that I remain wide open and looking at all suitors," Cromwell said. "I am looking at all these schools and their combinations of athletic prowess and academic prowess. I am going to careful assess all facets of the schools that are on the table for me at the end of the summer."

Arkansas is one school that he has already looked into via research through books, the internet and talking to the coaches.

"Arkansas is a very impressive school," Cromwell said. "I am extremely interested in the Razorbacks and I have enjoyed visiting with their assistants about what the school and the program has to offer."

"Look I think the best thing about me is that when I am healthy I hustle from point A to point B and do anything it takes to help my team win," Cromwell said. "I think my teammates will tell you they enjoy playing with me because I leave it all on the court and give them the chance to shine. I'll take care of my job, but I am not one of these guys that has to have the spotlight. I am comfortable letting others shine in conjunction with doing what I can to help them win."

Cromwell expects to be healthy in time to play for his Memphis Bulldogs AAU squad during the Adidas Super 64 Tournament in Las Vegas July 22-26 and then the AAU 17-and-under National Championship in Orlando immediately afterward.

"I think the best part of my game is how well I run the court and move my feet - on both offense and defense," Cromwell added. "I do need to improve my handle, but I can score, I can rebound and I can play defense and I look forward to getting back to doing all that very soon."

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