UA Friday Practice Report

The first day of full pads for the Razorbacks sees several injuries and the ball on the ground far too much for UA head coach Houston Nutt.

Saying Arkansas' first day in pads was eventful would be a bit of an understatement.

No less than seven players suffered or were battling injuries, a walk on quarterback called it quits and the ball was on the ground far too much for Razorback head coach Houston Nutt.

The seven or so fumbles- which occurred during the center-QB exchange - concerned him so much that he put an end to a goal line scrimmage after a couple.

"That was just ridiculous and we can't have that," Nutt said. "That was embarrassing to have balls on the ground like that, especially in the red zone where we are trying to get something done in kind of a goal line scrimmage. Balls were just everywhere. We have to get that corrected."

Nutt pulled the centers and quarterbacks assigned and made them all go through a series of exchanges.

"Every snap that was on the ground was when we were going to our left," Nutt said. "We have got to just ride in there longer and do what we are doing now - just taking a lot of snaps."

The injuries piled up on the day with fullback Brandon Kennedy (broken finger), freshman guard Cody Green (AC shoulder sprain) and rookie tailback Korey Sutton (ankle) all suffering new ones.

Others who were did practice but were limited or didn't finish practice because of earlier injuries were tailback Dedrick Poole (hip), wideout Chris Baker (bruised knee), center Skye Peterson (cramps) and freshman defensive tackle Fred Bledsoe, who injured his knee on Thursday, tried to go on Friday and will now have an MRI.

The injury to Kennedy was one that might not keep him out of action much if any according to Nutt if he doesn't have to get a pin in it.

"(UA head trainer) Dean (Weber) said it would then probably just be okay by wrapping it up," Nutt said.

Baker had gone through Thursday's practice after injuring himself when colliding with Poole a day earlier, but couldn't get through all of Friday's.

"He tried to fight through it yesterday and it is a little swollen," Nutt said. "He went the first half of practice and then we just decided to let him have the rest off."

Arkansas moved its practice up from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to get a little bit more film work in and hope that it would heat up some from 52 degrees to what turned out to be 72.

"We started out really getting after it," Nutt said. "We had some good one-on-one situations and a good middle drill, but then we started putting the ball on the ground too much."

They will go through a pair of Saturday workouts, one in shorts and shoulder pads at 9:15 on Saturday and the other a scrimmage at around 3:30.

"We are going to get everybody about 20 to 25 plays," Nutt said. "We are trying to see who is going to be physical. We are getting closer to game-like situations."

Arkansas quarterback Rhett Lashlee, the former record-setting quarterback at Shiloh Christian came to Nutt and told him he had decided not to play anymore.

"He has been such an unbelievable dedicated soldier trying to come back from shoulder surgery," Nutt said. "He's what you would want your son to grow up to be, I promise you. Just a class, class individual that has paid the ultimate price. The work ethic is awesome and I wish him the best. He is going to concentrate now on just going to school."

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