It's Cotton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the scene from the Broyles Center when the news was released on the Hogs' Cotton Bowl bid. The players were so happy they danced.

At about 3:30 p.m., the players began to assemble outside the team meeting room on the bottom level of the Broyles Center. At 3:35 p.m., the captains ... Kenny Sandlin, La'Zerius White, Curt Davis, Carlos Hall and Jermaine Petty ... I guess he's been added as a captain ... were summoned to the office of Coach Broyles where Houston Nutt and Coach Broyles were awaiting phone confirmation.

They were told that they had a bid to the Independence, and were awaiting word from the Cotton Bowl. It came and the captains quickly voted to accept the invitation.

At that point, the media was told to assemble in the team meeting room. The entire team was brought in ... all with long faces. The captains looked somber. There had been no word.

Coach Broyles entered, and walked to this writer, and it was noticed that he was wearing a Cotton Bowl tie. Asked about it, Broyles said, "I put it on this morning for good luck. I can't tell you if it worked or not. You'll find out when we tell the team."

Tony Bua then yelled out from the top row of the meeting room (it's a theatre-type setup), "Well, with the way you guys look, I know we are going to Shreveport." No one cracked a smile or let on that he wasn't right.

Broyles then opened the media session at about 4 p.m., by saying the team should be proud because they had a chance to go to two bowls. No one figured it out, because he didn't clue them in that two bowls actually issued invitations.

Then, Houston Nutt took a turn, and said, "I want to congratulate this team because they had two invitations, and we have accepted a trip to DALLAS!"

At that, the room erupted in cheers, with players dancing in their seats. Shawn Andrews broke into some kind of a dance that's never been done by a 6-6, 350-pound football player. It was something, and everyone laughed.

Then, the press conference proceded. Everyone said the right thing, concerning the matchup with Oklahoma. Curt Davis admitted that he had a chance to watch film of either Iowa State or Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon, and watched only an hour of Oklahoma tape.

Dean Weber wore a Cotton Bowl sweatshirt all day, along with an old Cotton Bowl watch.

"I started wearing this watch two summers ago, and we ended up going to the Cotton Bowl," he said. "So for good luck, today I put on the watch and the sweatshirt."

Several other players said they had watched the LSU victory with Cotton Bowl garb collected from their trip to Dallas two years ago.

Houston Nutt said he watched the game, and cheered like crazy for LSU from start to finish.

"At halftime, I was a little mad at the coach for that fourth-and-1 call, but I liked every other call they made," Nutt said. "Did everyone in here cheer for LSU? I thought so."

Nutt said with another week to prepare for the Cotton Bowl, as opposed to the Independence Bowl, he and most of his staff would hit the road recruiting for the next three days.

"We'll ask the players to lift and work on pass skeleton the next three days, and concentrate on their studies," he said. "Recruiting just got a big boost with (the Cotton Bowl bid) and we want to get in homes. We had 10 players here this weekend, and all 10 of them had a great time. We have a good start to recruiting, and we want to keep at it.

"We know what we are getting with Oklahoma; they have an awesome team. We know about them. We've had a chance to visit the last year with Coach Stoops and we are aware of what they have done there. They have great athletes. They have a great kicking game. We know they have a great team, but we have a great team, too."

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