Cotton Bowl Announcement

The following is a brief transcript of the bowl announcement press conference transcript featuring Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles, head coach Houston Nutt, seniors Jermaine Petty, Shannon Money, Curt Davis, Carlos Hall and La'Zerius White.

Frank Broyles' Opening Statement: "I think this is an historic press conference. This football team, in my judgment, played with as much or more enthusiasm, were well coached and had a great game plan and pleased the fullest extent every Razorback fan in America. We are very proud of this football team and the fact that they had a chance to go to two different bowls.

"And the reason you go to bowls is that it is a reward for the football team, but you also want to go close enough for the fans to be able to get there. Either bowl would have been great for the Razorbacks and the fans. We are excited about the outcome."

Houston Nutt Opening Comments: "The first thing I want to say is thank you to the coaches and players for all of their hard work. There is nothing like having a press conference at the end of the season like this. We had two different options. And I'm thrilled to tell the players that we are going to Dallas, Texas for the Cotton Bowl.

"This is a great time for us. We are very thankful for the people at the Independence Bowl for considering us. We appreciate the opportunity that we have at the Cotton Bowl. We always talk about what Coach Broyles told us as players, 'people remember in November.' That's a fact. It's about how you finished. You played with a lot of heart and enthusiasm. They didn't have to pick us, so let's make the most of it."

What are your thoughts on playing the defending national champion (Oklahoma)? Nutt: "This is the second time for this program to be able to play a defending national champion. We have tremendous respect for Coach Bob Stoops and his staff. We know they have a good football team and so do we."

What was the deciding factor between the Cotton Bowl and Independence Bowl? Broyles: "The way this team played was the indication that they would be a great bowl team. And I think whatever influence there was on the committee to select us over the other teams came down to how this team played. All the credit goes to the team and how they turned the year around."

What does it mean to play Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl? Shannon Money: "It's an honor to go back to the Cotton Bowl. We were there two years ago. It was a great time for us. We have a great history in the Cotton Bowl. Our fans love going to Dallas and watching us play there. To be able to play a team like Oklahoma is why you play college football. We are going to continue to work hard and give our best."

What were your emotions watching the SEC Championship game? Curt Davis: "All along coach told us that if LSU won that we had a good chance to go to Dallas. We were very excited and it is a great honor to be able to go to the Cotton Bowl."

Carlos Hall: "It was tough because we were only three points away from going to the Championship game. But we can't look back and we have a big challenge ahead of us against Oklahoma."

At what point during the season did you think you might have a chance to go to a bowl like this? Shannon Money: "I think as a team we believed it at the start of the season. We have always believed in each other. When we started 1-3, the coaches did a great job of not letting us get down on ourselves and lose confidence in each other. We had no doubt that we were going to win, even up to the very last second of the LSU game. It's a credit to the coaching staff and to the entire team."

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